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so guys, thanks for the input.

I'm really enjoying this game... and as someone else said the GB channel is really good for bringing guys like myself into the game.

I want to play a range of different heroes as I want to try and learn who I like and my style as quick as I can.

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So last night I played one game with my fellow duders, and it was the first time I have come away from the game with a negative feeling.

I am a n00b with around 22 games under by belt now. In all of those games I've felt that I have done myself a decent turn and helped as part of a team. Winning or losing still to me doesn't really matter, as I'm still learning, but last night it did.

As part of the Single Draft I got handed my first Drow Ranger. Now having been a support for 21 games I thought I'd give it my best go with one of the strongest heroes in the game.

Here was my chance to run a game with someone other than Tinker.

I failed.


Maybe it was the other team ganging up on me. Maybe it was my just being an idiot.

But as I solo'd in the middle lane and tried to do as well as I could, I fed to Phantom Assassin across the pond from me and ended up stinking up the game.

So much so that I logged in early this morning before work to play a bot game with Drow to figure out just what went wrong.

So my question is this; have you ever came out of a game of DOTA dejected? Why? Was it your own fault? Was it someone moaning? What did you do to learn from it?

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Nice read.

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I have literally 30 keys.

benstewart84 on steam. add me.

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I've purely played games from the GB chat so far and haven't received any hate.

Granted I've only played 4 online games, but I thought by now I'd have received some hassle!

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might give you a shout mate!

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So I spent last night playing bot matches and trying to figure out just what was going on.

So is the next step to just jump in with the guys in the gb chat channel who are wanting low level or newbie matches?

Of the guys I played I liked Lion and Axe the best, but if i understand correctly going axe isn't a wise move if I don't know how to solo?

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I plan on reading up on the game today and tomorrow and playing some BOT games tomorrow night.

Let's see how I go!

Is it a must to have a mic when playing with "real" people?

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I've emailed out a few more.

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I have a few keys, have just added the last three guys on Steam. (ends with 84)

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