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Boy. I sure feel great about being a current 3ds owner.

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I feel that it's possible for a reasonable person to feel optimistic and ambivalent about this development at the same time.

The question I keep coming back to is this:

If it's true that this was always the game plan, and the endgame for OR was always to be bought out by someone huge for crazy-money, what if the original Kickstarter pitch had included that information? If the original Kickstarter had said "...finally, just so you know, after we make a few prototypes, the plan is to sell to Google or Facebook or someone. Thanks for funding our A-round!" would they have gotten the same initial support/backing that they got from the kick-starter community? If the answer is no, then I think there is something to the complaint that maybe there was something disingenuous about the trajectory from kick-starter to Facebook-buyout.

It's easy to lambaste frustrated people as being "naive", but I really think there is a reasonable perspective that is maybe not super thrilled about this. It's certainly going to give me pause before backing similar ventures in the future.

Personally, I'm hopeful. If this development means we get VR faster/better/cheaper and with more games, then that's fantastic. Here's hoping!

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Patrick, a crucial difference between the content that Phish gets heat for, and the content that you get heat for is the tone. I actually agree with alot of things Phil says, but he puts so much negative energy out with his sentiments that I can't help but be repulsed by him. Your work, on the other-hand, I've always found to be carefully considered and even-handed, even when your own point of view on a topic.

It's really hard for me to feel sorry for Phil. And if he really, truly is cancelling Fez 2 because he discovered an asshole on the internet, then he was never really interested in making Fez 2 to begin with.

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Phil Fish is a troll.

So I don't take him seriously when he complains about another troll.

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Words Fail.

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Initially I was sure this was a hoax, and that we were being punked.

I am less sure now...

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I'm so glad that I had to create a UPlay account in order to play single-player FarCry 3. That was totally worth this pain in my ass.

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So long, Homeworld.