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maybe a little scirpt....... that maybe my little secret love

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i'm sure he has a head..... 

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Divina McCall doesn't count i said celebrity!!!!!!!

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During the event of a zombie apocalyspe which celebrity would you most like to see? Either survive and join you in you're team of survivers or just for the enjoyment of seeing them zombiefied.

Personally i would enjoy seeing a zombiefied Hulk Hulgan.
something about that tash and being a zombie....
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hmm well it realy does depend on the type. If there fast zombies i won't even try. Hmm altough my strategy of coving my body in frying pans to aviod being bitten is full PROOF!!!!!!

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squirrel of course what can a pigeon do plus i'm sure squirrels are on crack they seem to defy gravity also

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Tetris for the original Gameboy. Still play it.

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i wouldn't ever hang round roman. He would be fine once but i don't think i could cope. no rollan i don't F*!@.. want to go bowling.

Maybe solid snake but i would suspect that he would sleep with me and never call in the morning.
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dam makes my pittyfull 16,000 seem like nothing....
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@Crabcraft said:
" I made my picture into a t-shirt, and it look's alright, I'd actually probably wear that.
This now this is beauty i need this shirt!!!!!!!