Game Club 2011: Advent Rising

Advent Rising. I do not know why I have a copy of this game except that the price tag on it says $5. After noticing the screenplay written by Orson Scott Card I became a tad more excited to play. The game opens impressively with a cut scene transition into a 'now you're playing' space flight. After docking your shuttle, there is a rather hokey on-base cut scene. The entire time my wife is saying "This looks a lot like Mass Effect!". I have to say I agree. Although coming out years prior, there are a ton of similarities in the visuals between this and Mass Effect, further piquing my interest. "How have I not played this before?" I kept muttering to myself. Then the actual gameplay began.
What a mess. "Holy crap, what is wrong with his legs?" my wife exclaimed. She was right, my character's torso was nearly 1/3 of the size of the legs. This did not seem to be the case in the cut scenes, only during gameplay. Odd visual style aside, the combat was super clunky. Having  to target with the right thumbstick just seemed unnecessary. Was this game developed before most 3rd person shooters? Just aim & shoot would have been preferable. I made my way through one or 2 rounds in the combat simulator against in-game bots and was on my way to a different simulator where I'd be competing against in-game human opponents when the game froze on me. I decided there that I'd rather not spend more time playing the game. Sorry Advent Rising, the story could have been great, but the gameplay was just too abrasive for me to want to do more.
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Game Club 2011

OK, here's the scenario. I have a lot of games. Tons. Crossing many platforms. I have so many games, that I have some I have never even played. Some I have only played a few minutes of. So my wife and I came up with the idea of writing each game's name (or series) down on an index card and randomly choosing one to play. For good or bad, we're gonna work our way through our games, determining which ones we want to keep. Stay tuned for details of our play-throughs and discoveries.

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