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You know, I thought I wanted leveled faces but no, just no.

Each side includes (as you are well aware) 2/3-3/4 of its respective nose, so....I Do Not like them lined up. Nope. With that void. Nope.

Offset it must be!

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It has that je ne sais quoi--sort of an Absurd Gravitas.

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First, I have Prime and first started it over 5 years ago. I reside in the U.S.

I'm often pushing myself to be more frugal in various ways--and when you consider that if I'd consolidated my orders to use free super-saver shipping, it may really be that I'm not getting my money's worth in shipping costs. BUT! If you consider the cost of gasoline (1 yr. Prime roughly = 1.3 tanks of gas for us), it definitely becomes worth it. I go through phases where I am disenchanted with Amazon--recently, many of the household items I purchase most often (e.g. coconut oil, non-latex surgical gloves) have recently become "add-on items", which means that they are prime-eligible only when shipped as part of an order greater than or equal to $25--but I have yet to cancel for reasons other than financial hardship yet.

Video streaming is urmn, okay. I use it occasionally to watch West Wing and TNG (which is incomplete). I wouldn't consider it a replacement for Netfilx (which I don't use). You might watch some things.

The kindle lending is not available on non-kindle devices, and though I do have an original kindle I've used it less than 3 times. I just want to read what I want when I want; I feel turned-off by having to choose from a pool of "x-hundred Best Sellers and Great Books!" at a proscribed rate of 1/month.

For games, the often-available release day delivery (on pre-orders) is pretty cool. And, FORGET GAME SLOP (Spot)!

Later this year, the state I live in will become one which has Amazon collecting sales tax on orders originating therein. *shrug* I'm hoping their physical presence will make my prime orders be next day (as they sometimes coincidentally are when shipping from a distro in an adjacent state).

Finally, I'm pretty sure you can cancel Prime mid-year and get a refund equivalent to the "unused" months, so that helps defray the risk of the experiment. Try it out.

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I wound up ordering this on Thursday for delivery on Friday from Amazon, but am still waiting (damn you, UPS!). Are you talking about Heavy Rain? Was hugely disappointed by that one. (bought at release.) I felt they shipped a VASTLY different game than the one they promoted for years. In the end it felt to me like the only commonalities were some art assets. But, if you're not infatuated with those old vids/pay less than 60$ you may do all right to go for it.

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Yup, you would have to turn in your man card, but you can keep your dick so it's all good. :)

Though I am a female, I think I might have to surrender my "upstanding adult of the community" card for this one. But, eh. I just might get it, provided that it isn't actually an RTS or some other equally tedious/punishing genre. So often, the cuteness and brutality are directly proportional to each other. ;)

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As a formerly ecstatic (now grudging at best) customer of Amazon, I'd tell anyone not to take these types of pronouncements from "Amazon of India" (a.k.a. chat-based customer service) to the bank.

I've kept an account continuously for over 10 years, was a Prime and Kindle early adopter--I was all-in on their ecosystem. But problems slowly cropped up over the last 5 years as service deteriorated to the point that I now have issue with 4 out of ever 5 orders.

If you do communicate with them via chat, I recommend a screen grab of the convo; you will likely need it later to bring them up to snuff on their promises.

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Well, it's pretty much official that Capcom is only in it for the money. After all this heat, they're still moving on with Cross Assault.

Does the fighting game community, let alone the gaming community as a whole, really want to be represented by the people on this show? I sure as hell don't.

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Indeed! I googled to find a thread on this topic--where is my "I love Mondays"!?

Without it, I don't even know what day it is...

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I seriously want this game, and the second it is available on PSN (PLEASE!) I will buy it.

Also, I want cheats to enable me to actually finish it, because I just do not have the Araknoid/Breakout chops for it, and at the ripe old gaming age of 28 am unlikely to develop them. I just want to reminisce about the old days and wallow in a trough of tasty pixels. :D

Actually, this is common to gaming for me: Games which appeal to me visually (Vanillaware or various Cute-'em-ups) are just too balls hard for me. I can appreciate the fact that they are a wonderful old-school mountain to climb for gamers who have something to prove, but I have dinner to make. Keep'em hard, but let me have a "cheat" or infinite continues. I just want to interactively experience the art assets.

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I picked Vinny, But The whole is more than the sum of its parts for this group. I still think they need something, however. Because they often seem to wind up pretty out there--or reach an irritating, niche, what-are-you-thinking consensus--IMO.

But, I'm pretty sure I enjoy being irritated. :D It's fun for me; not unlike developing a new recipe. I keep tasting it to analyzing to find that improving ingredient.

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