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@paulunga: Hey, fuck you buddy.

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@Canteu: Can you break it down for me without making me wade through all of the information that comes up from that search? I tried looking it up and I can't find specifics. Maybe they're just basic updates for simple problems? That's why I asked "Anyone here know?"

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So on 360 there's been like three or so updates, what are those supposed to fix? Anyone here know?

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Eternal Darkness was sooo good at the time. I'd love to see a new one. But Too Human was a piece of shit, in fact it's THE shittiest "AAA" title I've ever had the misfortune to play, with its terrible control, awful animation, horrendous camera, boring story, forgettable characters and too long un-skippable resurrection animation. In other words, that's what they get for shitting on their fans. Hell, I got laid off from my job thanks to the housing market and sub prime loan rates through no fault of my own, whereas SK just made one "Too" many shitty ass games, so yea.

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D.C. could be great, but I still feel like Vice City could be represented better with that logo. Here's my theory. Think about VC, that game was all about becoming a kingpin, and "V" not only represents the Roman numeral, but also being the first letter of Vice. The fact that there's so much care put into the "V" makes me feel like it means more than just "Hey, this is part 5", after all, no other numbered GTA games had special treatment of the logo art. And why have a "V" AND the word "FIVE" ? We all know what a Roman numeral looks like... I think it's the letter v, and not a Roman numeral at all. Besides, 5 USD has no Roman numerals on the bill.

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Puh-lease be in Vice City! I think the fact that the "V" gets some special treatment it could mean I get my wish... I still remember buying GTA 3 for was the first game I ever got carded for, and I was already like 22! Memmmmorieeeees!

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Funny how many people misunderstood and think that the controller IS the WiiU...Reggie only said "NEW CONSOLE" about 50 times before the name was revealed.

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That looks nothing like Ezio...maybe it's Altair flashing back to events from Creed 1, but taking place before the events of Creed 2? Hmmmm...

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 They banned me once for a week for  "advertising" also. A couple years ago  I was telling people who said they missed Jeff, Brad, Ryan,Vinny, to come here to see them.  Since then I rarely visit GS, if at all anymore. ass.

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I already finished it at around 100 hours, but  jeez, the bugs! I lost count of how many  times missions broke, or the game straight up crashed the console. The save file corruption bug even got me once...Mayyyyyyybe I'll start a new game when the patch hits the 360. Too bad load times weren't's to wishful thinking!