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The only proper way to play Burnout Paradise is to turn off everything but the classical tracks.

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@mb: You know, I've never had Haggis, but it actually sounds like it could be pretty awesome.

As for collectibles, who cares? If you don't want them, which I don't, don't collect them! I think collecting feathers in AC2 is ridiculous, but not ignoring them doesn't detract from the game in any way.

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More salt, more butter, more fat.

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Risk Legacy is very cool, but I think it would be ill suited for this sort of format. These guys will not keep up with it, and the game takes some time to get interesting.

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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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It honestly seems like the sort of thing that Jeff might be really into.

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Why all the talk about it being free to play? Why did anyone think it would be?

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I left my last job waiting tables a little over a month ago. I had been there for three years, working with my live in girlfriend, and our only option to go on vacation was for someone to quit. on top of that, there had been a whole lot off bad decisions made by new management, so I was just ready to go. My plan was to get out of the restaurant industry, but that seems near impossible to do while maintaining a salary approaching what I've been making (appx 40k a year). Not great, but certainly more tha doable. So I got hired at this restaurant that's opening in a few weeks, which I'm taking simply to stave off madness. God bless you guys who go years on end without working. I can't do it.

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Well its a hell of a lot better than Attack of the Clones.