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So are we doing this shit or what fellas?

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Tapping the vein in my arm waiting for an ETA

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Phantasmagoria 3, Wing Commander (FMV's required)

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Context required: Friday the 13th: got it when it first came out for the NES I was 10 or so at the time. The game itself didn't scare me but the dreams man...the dreams. I got to experience one of those special nightmares that involved being chased by Jason and able to feel him hacking my arms off and then the inevitable decapitation that woke me up into a pool of my own sweat...I really hope it was sweat. Sold that fucker and never looked back, the artwork for the cart still give me chills.

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Probably dark souls for re-playability, but I would go with Rocksmith as long as i have all future and past dlc.

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Peanut butter and jelly. yes they existed.

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(super or original) Ghosts n Goblins



Clive Barker Undying

Really any FMV games or wierd relics from the past

Oh,,more nidhogg...........please

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Is Scoops breaking shit again?

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The people

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Negative,I have a feeling they took all the good stuff out during the delay, and quick transitioned to a gta style. It may be worth playing but it's not going to be game of the year.