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@honkalot: What's the source on this? Last I checked they hadn't announced any PC version, and wikipedia has no mention of it.

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Extremely excited for this! I figure either it's going to be one of the best features they've ever done, or it's going to straight up give me an aneurysm.

Although they really need to do the entire series, not just MGS1!

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I would watch the absolute shit out of it! Please make this happen!

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PS4 here too. I played a ton of the alpha and I'm playing a ton of the beta, I've gotten all three classes to level 8, and I haven't had a single performance complaint til the last 2 or so days when I got the boot-out network error you described, and one time in a strike it started getting kind of laggy. Damage numbers were showing up a good 1.5-2 seconds after the bullets hit.

Overall I've been super impressed with the stability and quality of the game.

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@video_game_king: I guess I just don't see a friendship subplot as an obvious precursor to death?

Regarding the medic thing, it just seems hypocritical to me to call out a case of cutscene-gameplay dissonance in this jrpg without having a huge problem with it in pretty much every other jrpg out there. I don't have a problem with that scene just like I don't take issue with characters being able to receive a stupid amount of punishment in battle systems only to be taken down by a single sword strike in a cutscene in tons of other games.

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@video_game_king said:

You mean like when Isara dies? (Unmarked spoilers because of this stupid text editor glitch.) I'll admit that this could've been legitimately heart-wrenching (not on that level, but the quality's there) if not for the story signaling "CARE ABOUT THIS CHARACTER" not two cutscenes before her implausible death (what, Irish Sniper Lady gets medical attention two seconds after somebody finds her knocked out, but not one of the entire army surrounding Isara can do the same for her come cutscene time?). It also doesn't help that her death half-exists solely to hurry along Rosie's Antisemitism character arc, at least given the aforementioned framing.

I saw that scene in a completely different way. To me it was a reminder that although the story can have a lighthearted tone they're still in the middle of a war, and terrible things often happen out of the blue, and any of these characters could die in an instant. It didn't seem telegraphed to me at all.

P.S. You of all people should know how stupid the "why can you use phoenix downs in gameplay but not plot?" argument is. Not to mention in this case we're talking about bullet wounds, which can have extremely different degrees of lethality.

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I disagree 100% with your analysis of VC's story. I almost feel like you must have skipped some really important cutscenes. Yes the mood can be a bit incongruous with its themes, but it also can be extremely serious and heart-wrenching. It also never switches between the two fast enough for you to get tonal whiplash.

I also disagree 100% on the characters. The main characters are all immediately engaging, are they the most complex characters? No, but that's because they're not the most complex people. It doesn't make them bad characters just because they don't have a million conflicting views and motivations. You also seem to disregard the fact that every minor character has some sort of story or background that actually has an effect on gameplay. To me that really added to the feeling that you're not just building a squad, but also a kind of family.

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Chantilly, VA, United States

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Titan - After playing all three extensively it comes down to the special jump types for me. The Warlock's Glide ability is cool and all but what if you could hover AND double jump? You don't get the speed and maneuverability of the Hunter's double jump, and you don't get the extended range of the Warlock's glide, but you get enough of both so that you don't feel like you're missing out. It makes it so there's no height you can't jump to AND no distance you can't cross.