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Valkyria Chronicles is my favorite game of all time. Unfortunately, Valkyria Chronicles 2 exists... so SMT/Persona.

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@humanity: Also, the better you think the game is, the more tragic the irony of the online focused racing game launching with broken online becomes. Personally I would would say with absolutely no hesitation that Driveclub a great game. I think that it breaks ground in a fairly unusual way. It's a case of addition by subtraction. They took out a lot of the things that would potentially draw in people that weren't way into racing games, like a driving line, rewinds, and rpg-like upgrades for your car. It boiled its gameplay down to a core that brings back that old feeling of going toe-to-toe with your opponents in a true challenge of skill.

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I don't think anyone is going to argue with that. I just think it's a real bummer that by and large, people don't seem willing to move on and actually try to appreciate the game itself. I'm not saying I don't understand why that is, I just think it's really unfortunate.

On a tangential note, I still can't quite believe that Jeff's review has survived for so long with provably untrue and misleading content.

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I picked up the PS+ Edition when it first, accidentally went up, and I've been loving it ever since. The feel of the cars is sublime, and the lack of padding bullshit creates a laser focus on the actual driving aspects of the game, which is why I think it got panned by a lot of non-racing fans.

@humanity said:

I'm surprised you were able to get a whole weekend out of that PSN edition. I think I experienced everything it had to offer within an hour and I wasn't really impressed or hooked enough to go back.

It may be that you missed the bulk of the content. The menu doesn't lay out very clearly what is and isn't available to you. I find it hard to believe you went through the entire Startline Tour, raced on every India track, and unlocked the majority of free cars "within an hour."

Regardless, I really hope this PS+ Edition gets more people to check out this game. It's certainly not for everybody, but if you "get it" then you really "get it."

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I'm definitely on the side of abolishing timers in games. I think it's fine if they're used extremely sparingly and smartly, but as a general rule I think they're bad game design.

That's not to say I'm against time limits in general though. In fact, some of my favorite games all all time are based around time limits (like Persona 4's day system, or Majora's Mask's 3 day cycle). I just think that when you put an unstoppable countdown to a failure state in a game, you're giving the player stress. This may be fine on rare occasion, but it doesn't make sense to make it a central feature in a game series about fun.

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Man...I dunno if people REALLY like Killzone or don't realize those same people are making Horizon. Their M.O. is beautiful, but average. Obviously it's possible they really step it up, but history tells me otherwise.

"The guys who made Urban Chaos: Riot Response are going to make a Batman game? LOL that's gonna be terrible!"

GG has some amazing talent, and in my opinion have just been held back by the Killzone franchise. I think most people that are excited about Horizon share roughly the same sentiment.

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@shindig said:

Well, the thing that stops me enjoying that game is the handling model. Plus you've got 10-12 cars on a narrow track and the AI is set to be aggressive. Whilst the online challenge stuff is the closest thing the game has to a hook, the bread and butter of that game is how it feels to drive. I.e. not great.

This is always the weirdest complaint to see for me. It seems to almost exclusively crop up on GB, and it's personally baffling as I've found the handling model to be one of the absolute best I've ever played. The perceived weight of the car, the amount of traction, the degree of braking, it's all sublime. I get that it's not in everyone's wheelhouse, but the opinion that Driveclub doesn't "handle well" is certainly the minority opinion.

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Hate to bang on that drum again, and I apoligise if this has been answered a bajillion times earlier in this thread (I'm sorry but I'm too scared to read it because of spoilers) but does anyone remember an estimated time before MGS4 ?

I thought I might of remembered them saying they would do it before September (MGS5), I wonder if it would be fair to expect it possibly by August ?

All I remember is Dan saying they wanted to get MGS4 done by the end of the year and Drew making noncommittal noises.

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@colorwind: I don't understand. If you don't care what other people think, why are you on a forum? :)

I think I'll wrap up by saying that I think it's unfortunate that you didn't see what I and a lot of others saw in the series. I still think a lot of your complaints come down to you just not being compatible with the gameplay, and not major problems that somehow everyone missed except you. I can see now that you're unwilling to explore that possibility though.

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@colorwind: Got it, you have problems with how the platforming language is being communicated. But leaving aside for the moment the fact that the vast majority of people either don't recognize, or don't acknowledge this alleged flaw, I still don't see how occasionally misinterpreting jumps makes the entire platforming mechanic broken. Distances between ledges and climbable objects are for the most part standardized, with outliers being pretty clearly demarcated from what I remember. If it does fail at times to properly inform the player of whether or not they can make a jump, then it certainly doesn't do it often enough to be considered a fatal flaw.