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Out of fucking nowhere: Velocity 2X sweeps it!

A man can dream :(

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Driveclub's low scores by and large came from people who don't really like racing games. Jeff's in particular sticks out as one of the most unhelpful to driving game enthusiasts. At some points he just gets stuff flat out wrong (in the review I believe he says you can't change your car's paint color, but you absolutely can). Also aside from Jeff, I don't think any other review took issue with the handling, and from nearly everyone else I've heard from that has played it, the driving is supposed to be best in class.

Poor reviews from people with warped expectations coupled with Driveclub's horrendous server issues seems to have really hurt what could have been a cool, community-driven series.

Fortunately it seems like with the latest weather update people have been giving it a second chance, and I'm once again hearing a lot of positive things, so I guess it's not over quite yet.

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I find it kind of odd how every other romance we see begin on the show, other than KorrAsami and Zhurrik, is literally either love at first sight or a meet cute, yet people are saying one that is built up over two seasons comes out of nowhere.

Also: Jetsetting billionaire genius orphan that uses awesome vehicles, gadgets, and amazing fighting skills to defeat super-powered opponents without any powers of their own. ASAMI IS THE GODDAMN BATMAN!!!

Maybe if Batman had the balls to fight crime as Bruce Wayne.

Asami > Batman

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@sergio said:

I keep seeing a similar comment crop up in discussions about the ending that platonic friends don't hold hands or go on trips "just the two of us."

I find it a little sad because it comes off as homophobic. I know that isn't people's intentions, since they clearly are in favor of the relationship, but they should really listen to themselves when they say that this behaviour is only acceptable if you are gay.

Friends do often take trips together with no romantic feelings. If not, my friend's wife would have worried when we went to PAX a couple of years ago, on her birthday, without her. (We knew it was the only time he'd ever be able to do go, and she went on a trip with her best friend as well.)

The whole platonic friends not being touchy-feely is mainly a result of our culture. Women are usually allowed to express themselves as friends without any romantic connotations, but America is a little casually homophobic when everything says men shouldn't behave this way towards other men, unless they're gay. Other cultures around the world are okay with male friends holding hands or kissing on the cheeks. And now we have two best friends on this show who can't hold hands either because clearly they're lesbians if they do.

I get what you're saying, but calling that justification "homophobic" is a bit absurd. You said yourself that people were using this argument in favor of a homosexual relationship. It's clearly not the right term.

Now you could make an argument for it being about insecurity regarding platonic same sex relationships. I still wouldn't agree but I can at least appreciate that angle.

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DDoS attacks =/= hacking

Just so we're clear.

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Good riddance to this season. This has easily been the low point of F1 for me, and I've been watching for quite a while.

Here's hoping next year is more interesting.

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La Li Lu Le sLow down, Drew! There's tons more detail in MGS2 than in MGS1, and it really pays off to fool around for a while before making progress.

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Let me start off by saying that I'm glad PC only gamers have gotten a chance to play this game. Let me also say that Valkyria Chronicles is my favorite video game.

Having gotten that out of the way I have to admit nothing about any of this is exciting or encouraging to me. After what SEGA did to this series and its western audience I have zero faith that anything good will come of this. SEGA is my least favorite publisher. Worse than Activision, EA, or Ubisoft, SEGA actually makes incredibly good video games and franchises, then chooses to ignore them or withhold them from the western market.

To me, this whole thing has just been more salt in the wound.

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Man! Christmas in November! SO looking forward to this!

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@milkman: Every time I think I've figured out when he's being serious and when he isn't something like this comes along to send me back to square one...