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I'd just like to point out that this current generation is roughly a year and a half old!
Stop selling your consoles you nearsighted fools!

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This is a fantastic write-up. Valkyria Chronicles is one of those games that hits the mark for me on pretty much every front. It's my favorite game of all time (depending on the day of the week), so I was more than thrilled when they announced it was getting a sequel. Then it was announced for the PSP and I just knew, even then, that it was going to be something of a shit show.

You pretty comprehensively covered all of the reasons for that, but it just cannot be stated enough how absurd the grinding is in that game, especially if you decide to go for a more complete playthrough. Managing class disciplines through random drops is wrong-headed, but then going on to make some of the drops super rare is even more baffling and dumb. They even messed up the weapon development progression. Didn't get that one enemy ace back in May? Well then your rifles will be inferior of the rest of the game. That'll learn ya.

And don't get me started on the giant trope-y blobs that VC2 calls "characters." I don't think there has ever been a series that has gone faster down the road of anime tropedom from one game to the next. Every single character storyline is entirely predictable. The bookworm? I wonder if she'll learn a lesson about experiencing life outside of reading. The super popular way-too-good-to-be-true class president? Probably too good to be true, definitely has a dark side. None of the characters are dynamic at all outside of their particular story twist, even including the main cast.

In the end, I think a lot of the problems VC2 has can be chalked up to the game designers conflating complexity and depth. You can see this in the way they treat character interactions, the class system, the R&D of weapons and equipment, and even the multi-map gameplay.

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@thesecondagent: I'm gonna need a source for that, because from what I've seen and heard, everyone that liked the original absolutely loved Golden, myself included. It's still considered the best game on the Vita and even one of the best jrpgs of all time. God P4G is so good. I should replay it again.

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@oni: In my first playthrough I was near the end of the game with 40+ Skill and closing in on level 90. I got those Blades up to +6 and went to Cathedral Ward where I should have been completely overleveled for the goons. At that point in the game I could kill those tall guys with the two handed axe in about 3 cane hits. The cane was +9 at the time. The Blades never stunlocked those enemies once and required me to dodge out of the way of their first swing before I could come back and finally take them down. They weren't even stunlocking the regular Blood Church goons with the sticks.

Maybe you need to get over a certain damage threshold I dunno. I saw no benefit from upgrading them any further because whats the point if the cane is outclassing them in every way. I'm sacrificing both distance and a very useful alternate mode for faster attacks. If I can kill a guy from a moderate distance in 2 hits or from close up in 5 hits, and it's going to take the same amount of time, whats the advantage?

My character was completely spec'd for Skill so I don't know why my experience is so much different from everyone elses. Maybe they really get good at +9? At that point in the game I wasn't really ready to sacrifice chunks on a weapon that I found underwhelming thus far. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'm not just making all this stuff up - thats how poorly they performed for me and honestly there are better weapons like the katana (whose name I always forget) or the Scythe that offer both more damage and better charge-up/alternate modes with Skill scaling.

This is anecdotal but when I fought The Celestial Emissary with the Blades I stun-lock killed him so fast he existed in his transformed state for at most .4 seconds. I upgraded the blades every chance I got and holy crap does it ever pay off. I was able to catch most bosses in a stun-lock, and even if I didn't the hits are so fast that you can still get a few swings out before dodging. Add on the fact that after the dodge you can attack out of it to close the distance and keep your combo going and you've got some pretty devastating weapons in my opinion. I went through the majority of the game with them an beat every boss in 2-4 tries. And I'm not very good at this game.

Could it be that you never got them to A scaling, or that you were using them in their non-transformed state?

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So here's something that has been helping me a lot lately, it might not be for everybody, but once I adjusted to it I couldn't go back: in the PS4 accessibility settings, switch the button mappings for L1 and O. It does mean that you'll have to use L1 to back out of menus and use O to transform your weapon, but it also allows you to run and dodge without taking your thumb off of the right stick or contorting your hand. Now that I can look around and run/dodge at the same time I feel a lot more mobile in boss fights.

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If a boss is killing you, then it's poorly designed and bullshit. If you kill a boss, then it's a watered down baby game for casuals.

I understand getting frustrated when you're up against a boss that seems insurmountable, but here's the truth: You just suck at the fight. You won't always suck at the fight. You'll eventually figure it out, so what makes you think it's the game's failing and not yours? I took down Father G on my first encounter with him, but I died like 10ish times to the Blood-starved Beast, a boss considered fairly easy by most.

My point is that different play styles work better against some bosses than others. Your play style is obviously flawed against this boss, so try something new instead of calling it a broken, poorly designed fight. I beat him using the blades of mercy by running all the time to avoid the death rain, then diving in for a quick combo before dodging away when I saw his AoE wind-up. Didn't have to kill a single spider, and I used maybe 2 blood vials.

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They were spitballing names and registering dozens of URLs before the site was announced. As great as suggestions like, and were, won out.

They discuss it on a podcast. A very early bombcast. I don't remember the date, but I know it was just Jeff, Dave Snider and Alex (long before Alex actually joined the site) because everyone else was out of town. Maybe someone can track it down based on that information.

I thought it was

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@pyrodactyl: I am also wondering this. Anyone else only downloading 5 gb?

It seems the rest will download in the background

Yep, its the same as always, they really screwed up this part of the download process.

If you go to the bloodborne icon, hit options and go to Info it will tell you how much its downloaded so far of whatever size the game is. They need to do something about this process.

Yeah no kidding, confusing and stupid all rolled into one.

I hate this as well. Is this not a new thing? This never happened to me until the Resident Evil re-release. I thought I downloaded the whole game and got to a door that I couldn't open and it told me the game wasn't finished downloading. Couldn't progress further so I had to quit out. All games before that never hid their full download percentage behind some menu crap.

The worst case of this was the remake of GTA V for new consoles. I downloaded the file then when I launched the game I had to let it run in the background so that it could finish downloading the rest. Here's the real kicker, I decided to leave the console idle and apparently the consoles turns off when the console is idle. So when I turned it back on I had to start the download ALL over again. Either Sony needs to fix this or studios need to use this feature better.

I'm by no means excusing this practice, but to be fair, you can disable the "shut console off when idle" thing, and you can still have it downloading stuff while in rest mode. It's not a solution, but at least you can blunt the problem a bit.

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@korwin: I think you might be misremembering something, because as far as I remember you can't use weapons with the scientist disguise on.

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That's all added to the fact that the Xbox has more games for it. As shown before and as is being realized right now.

That's actually not what a fact is.

Yes, it is. The number of boxed exclusive games that released on the Xbox One was greater than the number that appeared on PS4. That is very much a fact. I assume you thought I said it had better games, but that's not what I meant.

No, it's not. You said the Xbox One had more games. That's not true: all released Xbox One games vs. all released PS4 games.

Also, I think this is relevant to this discussion: This is a big list of every game coming to the PS4 in 2015. (plus PS3 and Vita)

You are taking 'all released games'. That means games released on PC and PS4 will appear on that page. That's not what exclusive means, which is what I was talking about. Of course there are many somewhat obscure downloadable games on both platforms that I don't count.

Oh, gotcha, so the Xbox One has more games based on some arbitrary, completely subjective metric. Well I guess I can't technically argue against that.