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Added a bunch from this thread. Whacking Day is upon us, and this stupid game is too addictive. I'm MisterWooster on Origin.

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Despite the fact that I'm somewhat compulsive in my urge to see all the content presented to me, Mass Effect has always been exempt from that for me.

I've always lived with the outcome of my decisions.

I got a little lucky though in that through my completionist playthrough of ME2 and dumb-luck/intuiting the final mission, everyone lived for me. So I've been happily bumping into characters left and right so far in my 10 hours of ME3.

That doesn't stop me wondering, though, what the universe would be like without them.

I started a new (evil lady) ME1 Shepard ages ago, then blew through the whole remains of ME1 a couple weekends ago, and I'm amazed that it actually held up, so long as you knew how to play it (avoid side missions/the mako entirely, set combat to easy). I can't wait to get back to her and guide her through ME2 so I can see the whole story play out way differently.

Just the breadth of change that you can create, even within the bounds of the story that must be told (first Shep: good guy, saved the Council, saved the Rachni, helped all the crew and civilians; second Shep: evil lady, killed/sacrificed everybody who got in her way).

This is such a well-constructed universe that you actually feel compelled to act in the interests of your characters and to adhere to what you feel is the 'right' version of the universe, even when there's proven to be so much to see by making different choices.

I'm also really enjoying ME3 so far, despite the scads of doubters and nay-sayers. I think some people want something that Mass Effect isn't, and maybe never has been, except in their minds.

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All I ask is that this prints so much money that when Activision suits visit, just enough cash falls from their pockets in loose bills to finance another Toys For Bob-made Star Control game.

Or if the TFB guys can at least salvage the $1000 bills that the Activision guys light their cigars with from their comically jewel-encrusted ashtrays.

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I chuckled after reading the full headline vs. the truncated one that was on the posting schedule on the main page.

There it read: "The Game Designer Who Won't Call"

Why won't he call? Doesn't he love me?

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No L.A. Noire for story? Even as a runner up? I disagree.

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I've gotta throw my name into the pile here - no updates on my Live account for almost two weeks. And I've definitely been active almost every day, plus Arkham City hasn't shown up at all despite being started last week.

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@bybeach: Yeah, I've realized that a) that link is from the US site, ergo useless to me here in Canada, and b) I can probably find something better at a local specialty shop.

I suppose my main reluctance to buy parts is my lack of confidence in my skill to actually get it together properly. I understand the basics, but don't want to end up with $400 in junk if I try to build and fuck something up.

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Hey GB Community,

Writing with a question, hopefully someone can help me out.

My wife and I have been a Mac-only household for probably 6 years now. I gave away my last Windows machine to a friend upon buying my current (aging) Macbook. I've been a 99% console gamer since.

Now, my wife is taking part in a game creation workshop/incubator thing and we're thinking of picking up a Windows machine since many of the game-building tools that it's best to learn on are Windows-only. To be clear, I'm not looking for a monster gaming PC here. I'm quite happy remaining a console-primary gaming household. But if there's something cheap and simple that I could augment us with, something that could run those building tools, and maybe play the occasional steam game (Telltale stuff well, Civ 4 or 5, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress), I would be happy.

Since we're also looking to supplement our aging Macbook and Mac Mini with a tablet (iPad) to take over couch-based web-surfing duties, I don't want to spend much on a Windows rig - let's say $500 tops. If we could hit a sub-$400 mark too, that'd be fantastic.

In 2 minutes of surfing Best Buy, I've found something like this.

Again, no monster, I know, and I'd probably add a graphics card. I do have some experience buliding machines, but mostly second-hand (I watched and learned while someone built my last 2 PCs, plus I've done whatever user-serviceable stuff you can do on a Mac - hard drive replacement, RAM, etc), so I don't exactly want to have to build from scratch.

Are there any pre-built rigs at any retailers that anyone can recommend? Can a basic one like I've linked above be improved meaningfully through video cards, etc?

Basically, what does the knowledgeable Giant Bomb community recommend?

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@BBQBram: Dunno man, about the whole fire/water thing, my thoughts are far less nuanced than my thoughts on the evolution of Cole as a pretty purposely facile protagonist.

Nutshell: wall of water = yo, it was raining + storm sewer.

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@gafasibm said:

@BertieWooster said:

Hey duders,

Just got a bunch of stuff off my chest via the list creation tool.

I'm sure we've all got them. Piles of shame, unfinished or unopened games sitting next to our TVs, mocking us.

I just helpfully itemized mine, making me realize that there is literally hundreds of dollars of guilt staring at me from my media shelves.

Also, doing the rough math of how many hours it would take to finish all of these, it's something like 8-10 full-time work-weeks.

Anyone else care to take part in the same exercise/dissect mine and help with a plan of attack?

You can find my (embarrassingly lengthy) list here.

Probably not a groundbreaking topic, I know, but cathartic.

no one gives a rats ass about your crap. learn.

Constructive conversation what what!