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@eternalvigil: Just beat mistral, finding the game a bit now, may have jumped the gun a bit here

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@boozak: I beat blade wolf by ninja run heavy attacks to evade and stagger, I'm sure I will find a time when I need to buy abilities but I have found a need to yet

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@eternalvigil: I beat blade wolf and found that fight helped me tap more into the games mechanics, I a ranked a few encounters after that, not surprising I had the same thing happen to me in DMC

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I'm playing through it now so I might update this as I play, for example I'm at blade wolf and keep getting trapped in a corner and being severely beaten

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I also feel like I can't light up a smoke and enjoy it in a cutscene like mgs4 no time haha

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@darkshaper: Ok this is starting to make sense now, I could be just playing it wrong, but I also feel like I haven't been told I should be playing that way by the game

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I want to play it for the story, I just hope it worth playing for that really, same reason I played persona 4 arena.

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I downloaded the newish metal gear from psPlus but I'm afraid it's not grabbing me like the old games did, I feel like I can do exciting looking combos by random button mashing, and I have found no apparent use for blade mode in combat, does it get more interesting or is this deliberate design?

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This is basically a start at an attempt to keep a regular blog. 
I've been wanting to this for a while and I've wanted to do it for a couple of reasons, the main one is that I want to get writing again in a more regular fashion. 
I was getting so lazy writing i was struggling to spell simple words and was using bad grammar which I probably still am, the other reason is that I want to start contributing to the site, even if it is my own stupid way. 
The plan for me is to try and think a number of features big and small to do maybe daily? 
 So first off what is this feature,  
I Recently got my PS2 back and took it to University with me as i recently got the itch to play some of my old favourite games. 
Thats when it happened, i caught the amazon virus, i found myself buying Loads of old(?) games that i had missed the chance to play first time around, i admit this is not the  best way to spend a student loan. 
So i figured i'd write this as my view 5-8 years past their release date what my intial thoughts are, at least i hope thats what it will develop into. 
This week i thought i would just list the different games that i bought and plan to kinda review? 

Ps2 games i bought to try

This is a list of all the ps2 games i recently bought to try.

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

I'm an endurance run buff so i would be silly not to pick this up, im actually pretty excited about this one, i was kinda off-put by the fact you can only control your guy, but im no RPG novice i'm sure i'll be fine.

2. Odin Sphere

I know nothing about this game, i heard its an ARPG and i've heard good things about this, let's be fair here, i went on an atlus bender!

3. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

I dunno what to think about these i've no experience with anything in the SMT Universe outside of Persona 4, i'm hoping I like cos as you see below i got the sequel :D

4. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2


5. The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

Not this is a wild card i really think this could be one of 2 things, a competent RPG with a passable story, or just a trainwreck mess that will turn me right off.

I really do plan to add to these games so obviously you huys don't know what i've played but if there are any games you would want an untrained eye to look upon ( PS2 only ) which were released in the UK then let me know. 
Cheers till next time.
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wait just saw another thread. 
shit delete this thread please