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Their games required uPlay already. The only difference now is that I won't notice when the game is released, because I don't willingly log into the service unless I'm playing one of their games. On Steam, I log on just to check on friends. Not being on the news page for Steam is going to really suck for AC:U.

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12 hours!? I don't know about this, devoting months of prep work for single raid...a 12 hour slugfest sounds like an overly drawn bummer...

That's the wrong mindset to have. The encounter doesn't take 12 hours to do. It just took them that long (closer to 11, actually) to do it first. When World of Warcraft was new, I was in one of the first guilds to take down Ragnaros in Molten Core. More than half the raid wasn't even at the level cap, and our gear wasn't even remotely up to par. There weren't many strategies for how to kill any of the bosses, because a lot of them hadn't been killed by anybody. We did it anyway, and it took us days. Days. It was a trial by fire, and the whole point was to figure out what to do and then do it. The article says these guys collectively died 1,606 times? That sounds about right. Obviously, when everyone else tries this raid it will take a lot less time. That's how these things work. Later on down the road, when you're level 28 and you try this raid out with friends, I bet it will be a cakewalk and take you a couple of hours.

TL;DR this doesn't apply to most people who will play Destiny, only the crazy ones.

"Though it took more than 10 hours to deconstruct Vault of Glass, Primeguard figures a team knowing exactly what they were doing could finish it in two or three hours."

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I didn't really want to play it anyway.

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Fez is the only game I've written anything down for since Eternal Champions on the Sega CD

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Personally, I think the content on Giant Bomb has never been better. Since GBEast started and Dan/Jason have been hired, the numerous videos popping up on the site have had this amazing energy. New hires and a new studio? It's incredibly exciting, and it's largely because changes are being made to the site. I'm more excited about Giant Bomb now than I have been in years, and it's because of all the new things that are going on. And the social issues stuff? Fantastic.

It's very obvious that Giant Bomb is responding to recent criticism, because of course they are. Who doesn't respond to criticism? If you want to imply that they brought a transgender woman as a guest on the bombcast in direct response to "criticism that they shouldn't care about" and to show that they're not exclusionary like it's some sort of PR move, I say so what if they did? They're going about this like professionals, and in the most entertaining way possible. The videos are fun. The bombcast was fun. This discussion right here? It's going to be locked for sure, but I'm enjoying it. The site has never stopped being "funny pictures and video games," even now. They've never stopped having serious discussions, either. They've been talking shop with developers and working with social issues since the site launched. Don't act like the sky is falling.

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In other news, the price of tea in China has gone up.

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Is it wrong that I'm more looking forward to the next episode of the documentary than the next act of the game? The game was great and all, but the documentary is really what I signed up for and anyone who simply skipped over it is missing out.

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I certainly am, at best, cautiously interested in what these updates may bring, but find myself still feeling a bit salty about things like the unfortunately small city spaces the game affords, and the continued reliance on multiple city regions. At no point does EA's post on the subject of offline play say anything about tweaking those issues, so it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing any improvements there for the foreseeable future.

Wellp, this isn't really the change I was waiting for. Sorry, I'll pass.

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My steam library is in the hundreds, and all of them are Windows games. Why would I "stream" them to a SteamOS machine when I can just play them on my Windows PC? It's already hooked up to a TV.

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I was so stunned this morning when I read this, I couldn't post. I still feel like I can't.

Rest in peace, Ryan.