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sounds about right. honestly, at this point, i don't think i'd mind at all if nintendo stopped putting out consoles, and stuck to handhelds and games. As long as that means we'd start seeing Zelda on other systems.

I've been thinking this for a while, but why not both? Make a powerful handheld that can hook up or stream to the tv and act as a console too.

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@demoskinos: the is a picture on the site where the specs were posted

The the controller looks like almost like a vita

I would laugh so hard if Nintendo put out something that looked like that.

Yeah, these mockups are always so ridiculous. Do the people making this fan art see what actually ships? Usually devices are based on minimalism, not chunky PC cases with 20 buttons.

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Gone Home.

Turned out to be a really overrated conversation.

Yeah, did the same thing. It was a fine game, worthy of that amount of praise? Absolutely not, I don't think it's the important game people think it is, just a pretty well done "mystery" game.

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Every 3d Sonic game.

I'd probably say most Sonic games in general, but yes, 3d sonic games are slow, paced strangely and tedious.

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Diz4114, eastern timezone, Killer instinct, peggle 2.

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Yes, if it's interactive, it's a game to me, just like 'visual novels' are games too. If Gone home wasn't a game, what would it be? It doesn't fit any other medium, and honestly, I don't think it deserves it's transcendent reputation, it's merely a good adventure game, not a new genre or milestone.

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In all honesty, if you want to end sexism/racism or any of that bullshit, stop talking about race and gender.

Just like if you want to end alcoholism, you stop talking about it.

Yes, very fair to compare an addiction to a societal trend.

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