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Looking for a reliable RSS gaming feed or google calendar that I can feed into IFTTT. My end goal is to have game release dates, update on a google calendar. Any trust worthy, regularly updated, feeds or calendars out there? Found but they seem to be out of business.

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In the Los Santos Customs app how do you change which cars your can modify in the app? It's not very clear about it.

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@corvak: think thats sony exclusive?

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I've noticed recently that pretty much every new game is hitting the "XBOX Gamestore" very shortly after its release i.e. Saints Row and The Bureau. Kotaku said today....

Get a Physical Copy

Downloading games is cool and all, but you can't download the big fold-out, two-sided map that comes with GTA V. You need a boxed copy for that.

That made me think that there is a digital version on one of the consoles, but I cant find it. Any idea whether or not GTA will hit digital soon?

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I third that what was the solution? Still having problem adding the hd rss to feedly.

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he was the best

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Here's a blu ray player and some episodes of Growing Pains...

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@heatDrive88 said:

I don't know about you, but if this is all Adam Boyes' doing, he is fucking KILLING IT.

This man has a point!

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@Cubical: great photoshop work on that android icon. super stuff. what time did you get to bed, 2?

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It kind of bothers me when game designers think they know what is best for me in between sequeled games. Does pushing in the left thumb stick do anything? Would have worked for weapon holstering, just sayin'!!!!