Top 50 Games of all Time

My favorite games of all time.

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Posted by Gurney

whoa whoa whoa whoa.  i'm pretty cool with the majority of this list, but what the hell is shadows of the empire doing on this list?

Posted by BetaMax
@Gurney: fuck off, you get to jet pack fight boba fett.  
Posted by Noremakk

I am in awe of such a well-thought-out list. It's good to see that it's not just the creepy Otaku kids who make "best game" lists in their free time.  
In other words, I am very grateful for a list without any Square-Enix games on it. Christ.

Posted by BetaMax
@Noremakk: Thanks man, You've made me revisit this list and I feel I could push a few games around.  50's a big number and after 20, its simply a list of my favorite other 30 games.  I agree with you though, I bugs me when people sing the praises of the same 15 games like Half Life and  Ocerarina of Time.  Its bullshit.  And I'm a huge sucker for Grim Fandango!
Posted by FUN

Nice list, it's always good to find Grim Fandango fans