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This just got a whole lot worse for cnet. Hopper was going to take the top spot before they pulled it

I think giantbomb would be wise to put out a statement about them not experiencing the same limitations. We all know how they feel about this, but saying nothing would not be wise. jar time would suffice i think. As long as they are quick about it before this becomes a 'thing'

Tiny update first reporter just resigned: Greg Sandoval.

'Hello all. Sad to report that I've resigned from CNET. I no longer have confidence that CBS is committed to editorial independence'

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loved the game, it put a spell on me, even if it took 3 months to grab me.

one of my best game experiences of last year. Also i would love a more in depth look at this game. This article is a bit 'lean' non busy gdc patrick would have made a bigger article, but it has a great title, and thats worth someting too.

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Harsh but true

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@thenexus: you are right, about everything. a site that has its market share based on innovative use of maintaining a vibrant community and prides itself on making long form videos that people watch all the way through should not make decisions that confuse that userbase.

when you choose to be as transparent as whiskey is (and they have always been extremely transparent) you cannot just decide to take you video content quality back to 2008. it doesn't make any sense to the user, and because we are all pretty smart, we have already figured out that the bandwidth issues cannot be the main reason there is no 480p

Giant bomb operates at such a niche, that they almost always are perceived as something other than other game sites, meaning they are rarely compared to sites that have way higher budgets. this is an extremely nice position to be in (as a marketeer i know exactly how hard that is). When making a call like 360p you open yourself up to scrutiny; people will think why can site A and site B give me this while giant bomb cannot.

If Dave would just make a blog post explaining why whiskey made that call, like the community 'expects' him to do, the situation would be more contained than it is now.

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@Twilight: Yes i agree, i feel that i get enough shit for my money. downgrading free users, is making the experience worse for them. Forcing people to subcribe due to technical limitations is a wrong strategy, espessialy when you first take the good option away.

I felt the same way about the mobile browser, it just 'feels' shady. Whiskey gets a lot of its traffic trough an emotional connection between users and crew. That is a very rare position in an enviroment where everybody is a complete imbicile: The Internet. They shouldnt toy with that too much.

but then again seeing that this is the internet, everybody will now freak out and then forget about it.

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Hmm dificult one, i understand the cost side of things, with an increase in traffic and longer videos comes a LOT of bandwith.

My Guess is someone at whiskey looked at long term prospects, and decided to make the call.

Is this good for users? no not really, is it good for whiskey? probably.

believe me they do not pull that kind of shit just too fuck with their users, that is the last thing they want.

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i can feel the panic in your posting :P

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i think hes absolutely great, funny guy and he has a lot of determination... i do believe it would be good for him to lose some weight, not because i hate fat people but because sometimes it makes him look a little bit awkward, and it would be a healthy thing to do.

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hey wasnt there a big big black out at whiskey a couple of weeks ago? they said that everyone would gain 3 additional days of subsiption, maybe thats whats causing the delays

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Fixed my problem by deleting my cache from within chrome,