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PSN ID:PFC-Platoon1015

Pacific time

Resogun, NFS later

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If you want to group up to level or do some dungeons/skirmishes, post your info here! We need a full party of players to start a guild, so friend up!




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Im in! I'm Aegis@betusblues006

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I'll go Mindflayer as well. What are you guys playing/planning to play? I'll probably go guardian or great weapon fighter.

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@eujin I'm going to play it when it hits open beta, so if you're making a GB guild or just want to group up I'm down :D

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I would love to be in this guild!! Ive only played the trial versions of WoW and TOR so this will be the first MMO I invest some serious time in. Cant wait!

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:D Galaxyinjanaki

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Corgis can herd livestock, if that's not a manly trait I don't know what is.

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I was totally fine with the original endings so yea it was cool to see more cinematics. Also once Diablo 3 came out people forgot about ME and moved on to complain about that game,

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I knew Shawn would end up a walker from reading the comics so I went with the kid assuming Kenny would be with me long term. The decision between Doug and Carly tripped me up and the limited amount of time it gives you really makes it feel like your making split second decision on the fly. Overall I loved it and cant wait till episode 2!

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