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After re-reading the question, it does say "what is the ONLY game," so it certainly seems to be implying River Zoras vs Sea Zoras which makes the correct answer is Oracle of Ages.  So, I suppose, OoA is the correct answer, but it's still not terribly clear (the abundance of comments questioning it is evidence enough of that).  Let's say I managed to answer within the first minute of the post going up, I would lose simply because of an error within the question and nobody likes to lose that way (lucky for Astrofizzix, he got the correct answers).

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So are we going to get any sort of clarification on the matter for this contest?  Or at least some kind of guarantee the next one will have clearer questions?

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The problem lie in the question, not the answers.  The question does not differentiate between River and Sea, but Friendly and Unfriendly.
The proper answers can be as follow:
ALttP OR Oracle of Ages (it depends on the meaning of the question)
The Carpenter (Mutoh) OR the Carpenter's Son (of course the Carpenter doesn't sit, but again, vague question [though not as vague as the first question with the correct answer much more likely to be Grog]) 
Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule
I believe the true meaning of the questions should be more adequately described.
PS: I also believe that due to the very nature of time in a contest like this, it would make more sense to enter the people who answer correctly into a lot and draw the winner.
PPS: The answers I would have given based on the questions are as follow:
Grog (Mutoh's Son)
Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule