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Also i would like to add that i am interested..I'm in the US West coast as well.

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May i suggest I've ran a few games of Pathfinder on there and it was awesome.

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Oh i saw your list. It was atrocious to say the least. I just found the Scary movies to be the worst offenders of the bunch and didn't want to go on about the rest. Although i will say that Clerks was a great movie Clerks 2 was pretty good as well. I think if i was going to make a list of favorite comedy movies i would have to say that it would have to be based on what mood i am that day. Most days i like dark humor or some good dry British humor. Something that is a statement about society or the human condition is always welcomed.

A bad movie is something i can always watch and enjoy as long as it is not intentionally bad.

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I think you have horrible taste in movies. The scary movies series...seriously? that's the standard you judge movies by?

I mean no offense ...To each their own i guess.

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Yes, it's been fixed for the last week or so.

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Also they announced that you will be able to upgrade to the PS4 version for free if you want to go that route.

Awesome thank you both for the quickness!

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I enjoyed my time in Final Fantasy XI so I want to go buy this game today. But with all the server problems I've been hearing about my concern is i won't get to play it any time soon.

Are the PS3 servers working?

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I dont see any ads?

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Hard to choose but its either Stanley Kubrick or David Lynch.