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Thanks. No idea how i could forget #4. And i now got #2 too, but i haven't even heard about it! It has only 10 games listed, that's less cliche than... catoblepas!
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Oh, thanks! Now i got it :) Do you have any hints for #2 and #4 of Monster Mash quest? I tried pretty much every cliche being, most of them being way more cliche than #1... maybe they arent so cliche after all?
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Thanks. I actually tried to have some discussion value here - i can't figure out two quest that i thought would be easy. They are in the RPG set. One wants me to visit page of hammer-using monster. And it apparently isn't: dwarf, orc, ork, goblin, giant, troll, ogre, warrior, berserker and tons of other monsters who do wield them. Does anyone have any hints? (NOT the exact solution!)
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Today, i finally checked the Quests tab. I will try to complete them. Not all of them, some are impossible, but the easier should be done today - when i post this blog, i will complete one quest set! I just wonder what three creatures i am missing for one of the RPG themed quest sets...