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I definitely noticed a difference in the chalice dungeons with insight. I was stuck on a boss in a Layer 4 chalice for two days. My insight was at 99 so I decided to spend it and go back with 5 insight. Holy crap it was like night & day. After I got rid of my insight I was able to take down the boss I was stuck on, as well as the rest of the Layer 4 & 5 chalice bosses.

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I just unlocked the Platinum ^_^. For the last few days I have been pulling my hair out with the trophy for completing the Layer 5 Pthumaru chalice which was my 2nd to last trophy (along with getting the true ending). I had been trying to do everything with 99 insight so I decided to drop it down to below 10 and I was doing a heck of a lot easier.

The timing was pretty great as in the morning I will be picking up my PS4 copy of Dark Souls 2.

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I just picked up one ability I really love:

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Feels like I should be fighting some Ninjas

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Hopefully it goes live on PS4 sometime soon.

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I've been glued to my copy of the game and the players on CAG are almost non-existant so i'd be happy to get in on the GB group if I can.

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Framerate has been solid for me and I sunk about 9 hours into it. The only technical issues I've had was that I saw a couple non-lootable corpses floating in air, and literally as I was going to close the game, it did a hard crash to the XMB.

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The other fun thing is that even when the companion app tells you a chest has been unlocked and to have Arno grab it (or wait 24hr for your companion to do it), the game doesnt unlock the chest for Arno to pick up, so you have to wait the 24 hours.

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I just applied too

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Yep, I can confirm this as well. My other apps on Roku 3 work just fine and i've tried restarting the device

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It really does seem like he either learns something, or reveals some interesting piece of information about himself in every podcast or video they do.

Dan trying to process how there could be someone named "Cerebralbutt" in that 2nd WoW video was one of the greatest things. I just wish I could've seen video of Dan's face trying to contemplate while Brad just gave him a strange look.