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It really does seem like he either learns something, or reveals some interesting piece of information about himself in every podcast or video they do.

Dan trying to process how there could be someone named "Cerebralbutt" in that 2nd WoW video was one of the greatest things. I just wish I could've seen video of Dan's face trying to contemplate while Brad just gave him a strange look.

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It looks like Prima is breaking new ground by doing HD Remakes of old strategy guides. A $130 boxset of guides for FF7-FF9 that features:

  • Hardcover versions of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX, each comes with a ribbon bookmark and deluxe cover treatment.
  • Each guide has been redesigned from scratch and updated with new high resolution screen shots. In addition, the set comes with three iconic game images printed for first time as holographic lithographs.
  • The three holographic prints are secured in a beautiful slipcase with magnetic closure.

It sounds like it could be interesting, I just don't know if I can justify dropping $130 on it and I dont know if i'd want to support this kind of thing as a new ongoing business tactic.

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I joined the covenant because it was the first one I came across. Little did I know it was contributing to why my sorcerer was taking so much damage even with decent eq. I just started reading the strategy guide and found out that it weakens your attacks & strengthens your enemies. I quickly switched to the Way of the Blue.

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Coming from the PC version of DS1 w/ all the DSfix goodness, of course I didn't expect it to look dropdead gorgeous. I am quite curious what the PC version next month will look like though.

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I put 4.5 hours into a sorcerer, but after spending 15 levels buffing Str/Dex so I could have something other than a crappy dagger & 25% physical shield I found myself still getting raped by some of the knights w/ shields so I figured it'd be better to start over and just try to ignore str/dex altogether. I have 2 attunement slots so hopefully I can buy another Soul Arrow and it'll give me 60 casts like it does in DS1 when you equip two of the same spell.

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PSN: Bezerker22285

TZ: Eastern

Games: AC4, Killzone & Knack (as well as all the freebies)

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GT: Bezerker285

TZ: Eastern

Got DR3, KI & Ryse. Been looking to do some nightmare for Dr3 or any Multiplayer for Ryse at all (everytime I try to match up it gives me a 23 minute estimated wait time)

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RIP Ryan. Like many others on here, I didnt know him personally, but his presence in the podcasts, videos, etc have been a highlight of my day to day for the last 5 years.

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@SomeDeliCook said:

Cant wait to kill Kenny

You bastard!

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