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I just started playing yesterday and am absolutely awful, but I'd love an invite to the clan if there's room.

IGN Breezly31

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Stayed up all night to watch this live, even after the 3 hour pushback. Loved that you did this, Alex. I started watching during AGDQ 2013, and after seeing all of the GB shirts in the crowd, it was weirdly awesome to see GB make an actually appearance at one. And even better that you stuck around for a bit.

Oh, and anyone who hasn't watched the Tetris run above, do yourself a favor and do so right now.

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Yeah, CosmoWright has already expressed interest in moving over to or Those sites will very well may see a huge influx of users in the coming months.

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I don't make many posts on here and only marginally talk in chat in livestreams, but I was thinking about making a post similar to this, so I'm glad someone else was thinking the same thing.

We're all going to miss Ryan. He was like a friend that we never knew. This is cliche, because it's true, but we really did invite him into our lives for hours at a time and listen to his opinion. However, this is true for every member of the Giant Bomb guys. I can't imagine the feeling of loss you all are feeling right now, but know that, and I hope I'm allowed to say this for the community, we feel the same way about you guys as we did for him. You're all our friends that we've never met (or in some cases for those lucky enough, have met), and we're all behind you. Love you guys.

I hope I wasn't too schmaltzy, and I know I'm not great at writing this stuff, but I just wanted to add to the chorus of support.

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Go Pack!
Side note, the only one Madden got wrong was NY vs. NE, and I think we can be forgiving on that one given the catch that had to be made for the upset to be pulled off.

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Awesome. I actually didn't mind the Blood Dragon armor, as it actually had some useful attributes on it, so if they continue that (but don't make it the best piece of equipment in the game obviously) then that will be a neat little asset.

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I JUST bought a 250 GB HDD a few weeks ago. I mean, I'd get it for $100 by trading things in, so it is tempting, but I'm not sure. Talk about feeling like I wasted money though.

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Loved the first, here's to hoping this one is just as good if not better!

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Going to get it later today. I could go get it now, but I'd have to drive a half an hour there, so I can wait till 3. I heard that people are getting at the least an XBL suspension by playing it online early though. Has anyone else seen that, even if they have the game legitimately?

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Since this is my first comment and I haven't been on here very long, I'm not sure if they ever answer questions, but in case they do, how is the enemy AI? This has been on my radar fora  long time, so really looking forward to it and hope it turns out awesome.