When your entire life revolves around the Internet.

Imagine that you have just moved into a funky new mansion. A swanky place that is state of the art. You should be the envy of the neighborhood. 
Now, imagine if you badly want to return to that dilapidated dump that you moved out of, where the toilets don't work, there's no hot water and is very close to being condemned. 
Apparently there are some people unhappy with their swanky new message board and want to return to UGO Hell. They would rather post their comments at a site where a clique of egotistical bloggers kiss each other's asses all day long. A place with message boards that don't recognize a spell checker. A place that has a woman as Community Manager in hopes of  drawing desperate males who fawn over any T&A they can find.
These people want back because they keep returning to their condemned former home, angry that they had to move. They would rather post in a board that screams 2000 than 2010. I guess they would rather act like jerks in the presence of others than to be jerks in a place where everybody is an asshat already.
It's so very droll when you spend 16-18 hours a day on the Internet.


Hello, let me introduce myself...

My name is Brian Ghattas. 

I spent a good 4 years at a good site that went real bad, real fast. A place that features the absolute worst gaming community around.  A site that doesn't even recognize a Mozilla Spell Checker.
Well, I'm done with that Godforsaken place and I will be now delivering my unique and sometimes crazy views on gaming and life here. The community here is one of the best; free of the egomaniacs you'll find elsewhere...so I've heard.
I'll just say this, I won't be talking about myself. The world around me is what I like to talk about.
I hope you'll enjoy reading my insights. Thank you.
Some of my enemies might pop in once in awhile. Please pay these no-lifers no mind.