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#1 Posted by Bghattas (39 posts) -

Imagine that you have just moved into a funky new mansion. A swanky place that is state of the art. You should be the envy of the neighborhood. 
Now, imagine if you badly want to return to that dilapidated dump that you moved out of, where the toilets don't work, there's no hot water and is very close to being condemned. 
Apparently there are some people unhappy with their swanky new message board and want to return to UGO Hell. They would rather post their comments at a site where a clique of egotistical bloggers kiss each other's asses all day long. A place with message boards that don't recognize a spell checker. A place that has a woman as Community Manager in hopes of  drawing desperate males who fawn over any T&A they can find.
These people want back because they keep returning to their condemned former home, angry that they had to move. They would rather post in a board that screams 2000 than 2010. I guess they would rather act like jerks in the presence of others than to be jerks in a place where everybody is an asshat already.
It's so very droll when you spend 16-18 hours a day on the Internet.

#2 Posted by Bghattas (39 posts) -

I'm warning you all. Stop or I'll call the authorities on you. I'm serious. You are harassing me.

#3 Edited by Bghattas (39 posts) -
 Yeah, that's the truth. Too many jerks at the NGR and the egotistical bloggers who only want to talk about themselves have made their site a wasteland.
BTW, the NGR have left en masse to their own message board after one of their own started a shitstorm over a ban. If you want to read the comments of some very angry people and get a good laugh out of it, check it out. 
#4 Posted by Bghattas (39 posts) -

Speaking of people from other companies who deserve to be laid off, Tina Sanchez should be fired from 1up. Tina Sanchez is the community manager of the absolute worst message board I've ever visited. Rude, egotistical, thinks that being a woman gives her status and allowed the biggest cowards online to spew their hatred unabated. 25 year old women should not be the caretaker of a website.
Then again, has had vultures circling it for months. She'll lose her job and go back to her old job...

#5 Posted by Bghattas (39 posts) -

Bobby Kotick has a lot of people around his fingers.

#6 Posted by Bghattas (39 posts) -

I'm sure the only place in Russia doing backflips over this news is in Gori, Georgia. The people in Gori are proud of being from the city where Stalin was born. That town is a veritable shrine to Stalin. Read it for yourselves on Wikitravel.

#7 Posted by Bghattas (39 posts) -

I don't know why Sony and Microsoft need to jump on the motion control bandwagon. I'd rather just buy another Nintendo Wii. You can dress up mini-games in HD but they're still mini-games. However, in Sony's defense, they have dabbled in motion-control games for some time with stuff like the PlayStation Eye.

#8 Posted by Bghattas (39 posts) -

The unlikely pair of Heavy Rain and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. One is an R-rated interactive movie and the other is a kid-friendly kart racing game.
Of course, MLB '10: The Show and Final Fantasy XIII will be getting more time going forward.

#9 Posted by Bghattas (39 posts) -

I bought the PS3 version. I got it for those weekends where I have to babysit my niece and nephew. They love Mario Kart DS and so they should be familiar with the play mechanics. I couldn't find another good easy-for-kids-to-play kind of title. They still don't have the hands or patience for LittleBigPlanet.

#10 Posted by Bghattas (39 posts) -

WTF? Cave Story hasn't been released yet?
Wow, it won't be a dead summer on the Wii with SMG2 and The Other M! I'll be returning to Wii gaming for those two.

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