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@niflhe: Cross-Buy is just the best thing ever. Especially when they do it retroactively and give me PS4 games I already bought years ago on PS3 when they get released anew.

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Sounds like someone needs to kickstart a competitor to Paypal...

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Beer is an asshole who was hoping that he would get a strong reaction. He's apparently always on the attack with his "brand" of assholishness.

Fish is an asshole who should have been able to identify that he was getting trolled. His assholery at least seems defensive when it comes out.

Regardless of my appreciation for Fez as a game, I hope Fish does change his mind and come back to doing something he is clearly very passionate about. I don't always care much for what individuals are passionate about, but always have an appreciation for people that ARE passionate about something. Fish has that in spades. The industry/community is better for having a guy like Fish as part of it, regardless of whether people hate him or like him.

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I read and read, then read some more. Then I checked to see how far into the article I was and it turns out this is a book that I barely tapped into the first chapter of.

Since I am currently playing through Darksiders, it will have to wait. But, what I did read was certainly very interesting.

Good work Patrick. (making a bookmark now)

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As long as this means the folks on GB get to keep doing whatever-the-f-they-want.. I'm completely on board.

Giant Bomb has been to me, since it started, the example of how it can and should be done successfully without all the crap.

Congratulations to everyone involved for building something great. Just be sure to keep busting your asses every day to keep it that way and this reader will keep visiting daily.

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Nintendo is STILL trying to prove that the Virtual Boy was a great idea that was ahead of its time.


Back to more Mario Virtual Tennis!

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This is simply the downside of trying to do something impossible. I suppose they could have a program where people mail in their UMD's and Sony emails them back a stack of vouchers for each copy, but that introduces a bunch of headaches.

They will not make a 1:1 "free" cost for converting a physical UMD copy of the game into a digital copy because they have no way to guarantee that folks wouldn't simply pass around UMD disks since simply having one in your hands means a free digital version of it.

They might have been better off just not doing anything at all.

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It's now day 2...

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Seems like a no brainer to not have it.  Why have the added cost for something that is virtually pointless?

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What is the bigger debacle.. PSNHAXZR'D! or RROD?

Yuck yuck and yuck.