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@rorie: You can request everyone in the comments don't post about burger toppings on an article about burgers on a sandwich website but it doesn't really mean much when the article is a copy and paste McDonald's press release about the big Mac 2.0

Peanut butter or fried egg is the best burger topping. Anyone who denies this is a horrible burger conformist!

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@rorie: There's no reason to pm someone to talk about an article when there are comments. That's a lazy dismissive tact to take.

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Pro tip: Never sign that thing they want you to sign that says everything you do is owned by the company you work for.

Ding Ding Ding

If Carmack signed a similar contract any work he did on Occulus even off the clock is legally Zenimax's, and considering ID hasn't done jack shit in 5+ years odds are some of the Occulus work was while Carmack was working at Zenimax.

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Old video player always worked for me.

New video player constantly freezes and won't let me resume.

Also won't save my progress on videos anymore.

This is the same on both my chromebook and my windows 8 laptop.

Bummer :(

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Such a greedy bullshit argument.

Never paying a cent for anything he works on.

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As someone who tried and did not enjoy Witcher 1-2, their stance on DRM will likely at least give witcher 3 a shot because companies like this deserve my gaming bucks.

Also it doesn't matter if it is pirated more, it matters if it sells more/less.

For a company like this

3 million in sales, 10 million pirated copies is far superior to 1 million in sales and 1 million in pirated copies.