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The Little Frustrations Aren't Mitigated or Justified By the Whole 0

The idea of Bionic Commando is that you swing around and have fun, but this game realizes what you really wanna do is crappy combat that is wholly reliant on an auto-lockon system that seems great at locking onto the thing you don't want. This goes great with the fact that you die really easily. The game uses regen health, except you don't have a whole lot of it and it regens really slowly, and you run away really slowly, and you die super easily. Which works out, actually, because the checkpoin...

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Not as interesting as the Quick Look makes it seem! 0

I saw the Quick Look for this game and got hype for it immediately, but that video sells the idealized version of the game, not the real thing.For the most part this is NOT a sandbox "make your own path" game. In parts it can become that, but it's certainly not representative of the majority of your time spent. In fact, it's quite easy to put the game into an "unwinnable" state, at which point you have to hit the 'Return to Last Checkpoint' button and the game sends you back, usually a little bi...

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