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Yeah, Microsoft themselves have confirmed that this works. Albert Penello confirmed it on Twitter before launch. Haven't tried it personally!

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I am more fascinated about the achievements. I predict 100 points for watching 100 hours of twitch streams.

Media achievements on Xbox One don't add to your gamerscore. They're all 0 point achievements. As far as I'm aware, the only none gaming achievement that offers points is the Day One 100 point achievement with the Day One consoles.

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I'm super pumped about the 22nd. I've played both consoles and I think both console owners have loads to look forward to! But, personally, I'm ridiculously excited about getting hands on with Dead Rising, Forza, Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon and I can only do those with an Xbox One.

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So far, my list looks like:

  • Forza 5
  • Dead Rising 3
  • Battlefield 4
  • Killer Instinct
  • Crimson Dragon
  • FIFA 14 (free with Day One Edition)

Will also be grabbing one of Watch Dogs/Ryse/AC4 depending on review scores and impressions. I just have no idea about those three games. Everything I see of Watch Dogs makes me less and less excited... Hope it's great!

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@egg: speaking as someone who owns a new style d-pad 360 controller and has used the One controller, I can honestly say that the new One d-pad is miles better than the old controller, even the revised swivel one.

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I watched this video earlier and couldn't believe it. I've played with both new pads and i thought the new d-pad on the X1 controller was great. Like another poster above said, it's not a rocker anymore, it's clicky and flatish, kinda like the SNES/Wii/3DS d-pad (flat like those but clickier). I played a bunch of Killer Instinct with the new controller (I puroposefully took the demo station with the controllers and not the fightsticks) and I kinda forgot that I was using the d-pad. That's a compliment I think. With the 360 d-pad, I'd never forget it was using it because it'd constantly be infuriating me. I would still say that the Dualshock d-pad is better (I mean, the Dualshock d-pad was always been great), but I still think that, despite the improvements, the sticks and triggers on the Dualshock aren't as nice as the X1. Horses for courses though. They're both great and console owners on both sides are super lucky this gen.

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I've found spot where I can fall through the world, fall through space and then reappear a few blocks away as if nothing happened. I found it swimming in someone's pool in their back yard. On climbing out... WOOOAH FALLING. Went back and did it a load more times. Happens every time.

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There's another alien moment. When Michael meets the 'Legalize Weed' guy. A side quest. It's very Saint's Row.