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This is why you stay up and watch grands prix live, even if the races get brutal for us down under!! Fuck yes Ricciardo!! My mates are watching it in a few hours, gonna have to stay up and go watch it with them again, worth savouring!

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This is the only site that deals around video games that isn't all so dry and benign like a bunch of haunted nerds. Except for that haunted nerd segment. And the webcam shit. The guys in the office are the only part of any site that deals around people, and video games, that isn't dry and boring. There are plenty of sites out there that are boredom ventures into the mundane. I'm on team personality myself

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Skyrim was a less vaired Oblivion which was a less varied Morrowind. COD4 was a completely new experience in the FPS format. The every game is WW2 was past its prime and this was a shock of modern exactly when it was needed. And with that brought the best fps combat ever. Gripping story (with a fuckin NUKE) and touching first person scenes, which nothing has come close to reimagining. Games kill you every other level now days, but back then, that helicopter scene, man.

And I haven't been as attached to multiplayer since Quake. In fact, it was as good as pre-quakeworld Quake. And no consequent release comes close in that regard. It's easily my GOTG, but its also Number 2 of all time. I actually ponied up for live because of it. Went through a couple of xboxes because of it. All totally worth it.

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I'm using a G27 and even with the aids off you have to be pretty rubbish to spin it. Not much seat time so far, and only time attacking the retro stuff, but the on the limit feel is really great

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A father selling off his dead sons property and YOU find it weird? Have a little respect christ

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People like to over analyze stuff I get that, but I just think they picked a date they would be ready for in the markets they need to hit. These are big companies with very solid distribution in place, so its just supply. Microsoft also has elements that need extra localisation support. Sony may stagger release to help focus marketing, or it may be supply. It's just a product launch!

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Yep one week earlier for us Aussies too! This might even make me preorder one. Still no ps4 exclusives that matter to me anyways. New gen Forza however...

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@eskimo said:

@humanity: the more shit Aussies talk about you, the more they love you.

This is so true. You're never really 'in' unless you get verbally beaten without regard to emotions and or feelings.

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The best elder scrolls game imo. Theres actual variety in the locations, you actually start really weak, its just how slow you walk/can't hit stuff that annoyed people. And cliff racers. All of those cliff racers. A quick refresh of the graphics and it'd be a great playthrough again, its been long enough for me!

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You do realise this is just for the initial launch? Or would that logic blow away the ability to just rage. I'm stoked Australia gets it in the first pass. And current xbox live requires a broadband connection. The limit on whats called broadband here is 1.5mbps. This also means that my 4g connection is more then enough to authenticate in dire situations. My dsl is awful, between 2-4 meg, and I would hope a new console will be able to benefit from the growing speed of the internet. Especially down under with the NBN fibre rollout. Microsoft seem intent on making a console that can stretch from now, with dsl being fairly norm, to the future with fibre and more. I want a new console thats looking toward the future, something to grow into. Not some box thats aimed at India. You do realise the vast majority of that 1.2 billion doesnt even have a 55" hd tv!

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