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Fireteam Code for PS4: 8D6N-THN8-3277

Fireteam Code for PS4: 65AA-4DN3-TTJT

Two spare codes I won't use.

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FACT: Brad Shoemaker is also bisexual.

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Whenever I tell my firends, both male and female, they get a kick out of the idea of a women throwing their vagina at me.

Probably because they picture the women throwing their vaginas at you like ninja stars.

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I predict Brad will go from 5'6" to 6'1" and Jeff will hire a suspiciously attractive mantern.

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The big reveal of a newer, slightly higher-pitched Vinny got me so fucking excited I could barely get back here fast enough. I heard "Jebediah Caravella" clear as a bell all the way from the other side of the internet.

@humanity said:

I'm pretty sure Chris Caravella is just Vinny in the animus.

You had me at "in the anus."

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@byrjun said:

There's a sequel to Vinny?!

Actually the Caravella parents consider Vinny to be a Jebediah prequel.

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My dog watches me masturbate.

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I agree that no analogy is perfect but that particular one would be as close to perfect as an analogy could be if my dog could speak. If my dog approached me when I was hanging out with my buddy and threatened to tell my buddy what he had seen me doing in the other room, to be honest, I would flip out on him too. He's supposed to be my friend. Man's best friend, and it's hardly my fault he walked in on me when I thought he was sleeping on the couch.

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Just because you don't perceive something, it means people who did notice it are wrong?

It's probably not the most popular opinion here but I agree with your friends. If my dog accidentally watches me masturbate and my buddy stops by afterwards, and noticed the dog is acting strangely which he almost always does, my buddy doesn't know why and he will never know why. Only dog knows.