Well most of you might have saw that new TV show Fringe. I am sorry to be so plain and blunt, but this is a X-files clone. I do not want this to go on very long if they want X-files why not bring X-files back! Anyways I really don't want to give anything away so I won't talk about it much, I don't have high thoughts about it gave up on it a hour in.

Starship Troopers! I have been playing the game and it needs to be look at again by the mainstream gamers. I have some new pics up and the more I get to play  the more I will add.  So here is a quick look at it . Keep a look out for the review!

Lol you got here just in time

Hello Gaint bomb

I got a review up check it out!

Just to get that out of the way, so I am Big Brother  watching you all the time stuff like that. I like texted based reviews on games I own, In my blog I might review some movies and such as I get them. I may move into audio format if I can get some good recording stuff.

Also for movies and games if you want me to review it I will try. Every week I will try to get a new review up make some noise and talk about stuff. I got a Idea for my next review, how does Star Troopers sound for the PC. Well anyways the first week I will be getting lots of stuff up moving to this site and such.

Watch out for Star Troopers pics! They will have captions and I will include them in my reviews.  So thats all for now.

Also Big Brother is watching!

Edit! That new all hyped series is coming out Fringe expect me to review that soon!