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They where really fun, had lots of fepth really makes no sense why console folks can't like'em

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Looks cool, and I haven't played a good zombie game in a long time.

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Agent_Lost said:
"bjorno said:
"8 core"
that in 2012, I'm not joking, Intel got a road map that show that, they will have a 8 core processor by that time, oh and there planning to releases a 6-core later this year, the madness will never stop"
Madness indeed, it will take several years for games to even need to be on Quad Core machines. think about it if people can play Supcom and FA on all high 1000 units on screen with no lag why in the world would you need a Quad-Core at the moment. But I bet in maybe 3-4 years games will take on new scope and Quad-Core would be taken advantage of.
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xruntime said:
"Both of those graphics cards you just mentioned are overpriced and offer no big advantages over cheaper cards that perform just as well.
The 9800 GX2 is the card I will recommend. 100%. 
I agree thats a very good card for the price, you shouldn't have any problems with it.
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I have alot of these Mech Commander, Lords of magic and such. I am really wondering what happen to these games where you had to think the battle ahead of time got time to plan and think it out. That was some cool stuff you could do with a RPG and RTS mix it almost always, if done well.

Well anyways I was just wondering if people still play these games they bring back alot of memories, I had such great time playing by them. I really wondered why these games just kinda fell into a black hole.

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I was asking my self the same question, I am getting a new rig this Xmas. The think with dual-cores is that they are here and good for now. They have great speed and will still be in use and good for most games at least for year or two. Now Quad-Cores will be kinda future proof, games will use them in due time. The big question I have is will Dual core games use the two cores on Quad Core machines. Well anyways in the short run go Dual-core those comments are my thoughts on what will happen with in the next 2-4 years in gaming.

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Loved that game! need to get my hands on a copy, have any idea where to get one.

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THEY ARE HUGE BIGGER THAN ME! why would you want a 10 foot Ipod for 10,000 dollars. LOL sarcasm look cool.

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In all honesty I would love to just bash that guys head in with a hammer myself.

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Well if your sister is so willing drop the Kitten over there for awhile. Also I have a Cat I waited till it was one untill I left for more than 3 days leave it about about  double the food and water cleat litter box and you should be fine.

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