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My Steam achievements haven't updated for a month now, I played some Fallout 3 yesterday (PC version) which uses GFWL, and the achievements I got synced no problem. It would seem that my XBox Live syncs just fine (since GFWL uses XBox gamer tag / account thingy) but my Steam one is busted.

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Steam does do a good job of getting me to buy games the very same way. Backlog is likely to keep growing for a while yet, but at least I'll always have something to do on those rare occassions I get time off from work :)
@crusader8463:  C&C original games are free to download (legal too btw) anyway. You can get them here.

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You won't like this, but, Klingon side can buy them from a vendor in Qo'noS shipyard. I don't think there's anywhere to buy them on fed side at all.

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@Cr0ssbow said:
" @TimesHero: It's not letting me follow you, as if the link is broken. I've had this issue with a couple others too. Some sort of preference setting I wonder? Weird. "
I get the same thing, try switching tabs in their profile, blog, images etc and click follow in those to see if it works, did for me on a couple that didn't want to register.
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I'm sad and lonely too :(
Time to start following some people then :)

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Hmm, ok, wierd. Pass.

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Situation is, nobody ever seems to be on. Not been much in the way of new content besides STFs, difficulty settings added, purple versions of all weapons added to K7 / Battle Group Omega. There's just not much to do beyond dailys for those of us with multiple toons at max level, even then, nothing to spend the marks on anymore anyway.

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Here is Cap'n Bitter N Twisted. Screw vanity, I'm going for ugly as sin, without being too ridiculous:

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@Baillie:  ooh tables! I'll just add that my current character is called Bitter.
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@Carryboy: It's just "character name"@"username", username is whatever you used at STO site signup