My meeting of the Giantbomb crew and many of my Video game idols!

Pax truly was a great experience, I got to play some games, eat some great food, see Seattle, and best of all meet some people.

I also got first question at the Giantbomb panel and the Halo universe panel!

Here are some of the people I met.

My meeting of Brad was a bit short but sweet, he was quiet but very nice. He made me feel alright about coming up and bugging him to get a picture, and talk for a bit.
Me and Ryan spoke one on one for about 15 minutes, he was a great guy, full of stories, very outgoing, and not afraid to pull any punches.
After wading through the crowds I reached Jeff who even though he looked tired managed to have a nice lengthy conversation with me, I got to explain to him that he changed the way I look at reviews.
Last but not least in the Giantbomb crew was Vinny, he was super nice, very out going, and actually took the time to talk Warhammer 40k with me for about twenty minutes, it was a great experience followed by a great picture!
Me and Marty O'Donnell the lead Audio composer on the Halo games and everything Bungie!
After a quick chase down I met up with Rocko of Mega 64 for a quick pick.
Me and the Mega 64 crew.
Me and Shishka.
Me and Jay Weinland Audio composer at Bungie.
Me and Eddie Smith
Me and Sotaro Tojima sound lead on Halo 4 and MGS 4.
Guns, Guns, and Mo' Guns! Eddie Smith, concept artist.
Myself and Mr. David Ellis
Thumbs up!
Me in front of a Panzer Tank!

Update: So I accidentally snuck into the tested podcast early, I sat behind Jeff, I also got onto the thumbnail for the podcast!

Here look!


I finally beat Banjo-tooie!

I have had the game on the N-64 for years and played it oh so many times, I how ever never got around to beating it as the factory world was always the point that I lost my momentum. The same went for the original Banjo Kazooie having owned them both for years but never completing them.

When Banjo-Kazooie N&B came out it was about a month before I could afford it, luckily a friend had an extra Banjo-Kazooie XBLA code for we so I could delve into that before I got into the latest sequel. I was instantly reminded how much I loved the first two and in about a week I had finally beaten it for the first time in my life, later moving on to Banjo-Kazooie N&B and loving that game too. I was now phyced for Banjo-tooie to finally be released, what I forgot was that it was a huge game. After 60 jiggies and 20 hours I was on my way to finally having beat every game in the series.

Then my save got corrupted, I was truly depressed, it looked as if I may never actually beat the second Banjo game ever. Until I was visiting my mother and decided to give it another try. After about 6 months of on and off playing and twelve hours of playtime I have finally beaten it!

I must say though, I remembered liking the second game more, however I now feel the the original was a better game overall, less complicated, and more focused. These are still two of the best 3D platforms ever made.

I hope for another sequel one day, not on Kinect.

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