Do you really have to "know" somebody to cry for them?

I only met Ryan Davis once, it was a memorable experience, he was amazingly nice, and high energy, he also liked to say it as he saw it.

Today I found out about his death via a text from a friend, I was at work, I almost fell down, got weak in the knees, and basicly could not stop sniffling, then once I was done the job I was on I sat down in my truck and could not help but start crying. I can honestly say through all the Bombcasts, videos, and by brief meeting with him that I loved that man, his death with leave a hole in my heart weather or not I "knew" him. I know this is an odd thing to say, and I hope I'm not alone in this but Giantbomb will not be the same without his boisterously happy laugh.

I love Giantbomb, its staff, and its community, my heart goes out to all of you.

It's been said, but you will be missed Ryan. More than words can say :'(

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totally with you dude, i stopped working as this news wrecked my day. teared up real hard over this news. always kills me to think that ill never get to meet him now and thank him for being an influence on my life for 10 years.

truly a testament to how far online interaction has come that a person we never knew personally affected us this hard.

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@mrfluke: Yeah duder, cheers to that.


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@mrfluke: Yeah totally. but I can't help but feel that the things that used to make me happy, like the Bombcast, and quick looks will now fill me with sadness.

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@big_jon: its going to be an extremely rough transition. and its going to be an extremely rough couple of weeks/months (the realization that he's gone i feel is gonna hit everyone harder than ever come GOTY time and come Pax Prime) absolutely no doubt about these things.

but i have hope that GB will be able to weather the storm.

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That was a touching story. RIP Ryan, man.

We'll all get through this together.

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I honestly just can't get over this, I keep forgetting, then remembering and re living that somber moment over, and over.

Ryan's voice and enthusiasm kept me sane many times in my life, giantbomb is part of my safety blanket, it's now painful to visit for me. I was literally listening to an old bombcast listening to one of Jeff and Ryan's hilarious exchanges when I got the message "Ryan Davis is dead?, it hurt so much to read.