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@sexytoad: And I can see why they call you Sexy toad.

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@insane_shadowblade85: That's awesome man, keep that up, I love hearing about people who decide to change their lifestyles and health for the better. When I was a kid I was a fatty too, I decided after highschool that had to change and eventually lost about 60 lbs from my fat assyest (265lbs). It's an amazing differences to feel good about your health and your body.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: I agree, I've quite enjoyed seeing some fitness threads pop up in the forums as of late.

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Keep going and you will sir. I remember when 225 was heavy for me, after a few years I can put it up for 16. It comes with time man

Even like two years ago I was only about to put up 205 for like 5 sets of 5

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Courtenay BC Canada

Awesome idea duder

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After literally years of work I have finally reached my goal of benchpressing 315lbs. Sort of a right of passage for weightlifters I guess as it amounts to three 45lb plates on each side.

Anyways I finally did it today! And it was heavy. For anyone who is wondering why I'm posting this here it's just a quest I've posted about in the past, just thought I'd check in about finally achieving it.


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I like the shape and the triggers more, also the weight and the D pad, but it feels cheap, and the thumbsticks are too lose for me.

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About as stupid as wanting to get rid of them... Who cares, it's not like having that Avatar game on your record.

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Bigjon117's the name, Mario Kart 8 is the game.

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As a big Battlefield and Deadspace fan, this game really doesn't interest me.

I'm not apposed to a cops and robbers themed battlefield game but this just looks like BF4 with a police skin. Which is awkward.