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Merry Christmas ya'll even if I don't feel particularly in the Christmas spirit this year.

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Destiny because that game is pretty poop.

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Maybe the NES, or the new NES.

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Lol no.

Personally I use my Xbox One almost exclusively for almost everything at this point and my Wii U has been gathering dust.

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Put this together, it's all my clips from the weekend edited together. I really enjoyed my time with the game, I was pretty addicted, even with being busy all weekend I still managed to put in about 600 kills, I can't wait to play this again. I literally loved the Battlerifle, it haunts my dreams that four shot.

The whole thing felt fast, smooth and refreshing to me. Once I set my controls back to bumper jumper it was just a small matter of time before I got used to the new feel of this game. The biggest. thing to get used to for me was the kill times and re positioning as quickly as possible when getting flanked. This feels different than any other Halo game but it is certainly still Halo, and arena Halo without stupid gimmicks that screw up the pace.

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I'm loving almost everything about this beta. This game plays like butter.

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Also the whole Xbox users getting shafted on content. But really, Destiny is just a bad game.

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As always you do good work man.