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Out of sheer stupidity and luck yes.

Out of competence, no.

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I'm a 24 and nor have I.
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Been playing a fair bit of the crucible and raids. At level 24 right now.

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I'm sorry Jeff, losing your father is hard.

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Not sure it's nearly as bad as you're giving it credit for.

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They sort of make me hate the multiplayer. It's not fun for me. That fucking blade dancer one makes me never want to play in the crucible again

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Huh. That's funny, I'm part of that group on Bnet.

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If you can get a used pair of Astro A40s I'd recommend them.

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My buddy actually grabbed this for me on my birthday. My Snes is at a friends house though, so ill play it a bit later.

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I don't hate the guy but it's really annoying listening to a grown man who is into pro wrestling, pogs, boner noises, and speaking in absolutes constantly talk down about other peoples interests, calling them 'dorks'.

Hate to break it to you Dan but you're the very definition of that word. Seriously.

Again, don't hate the guy, he seems alright sometimes, just expressing my thoughts.