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I like the Mario sound effects.

I also wake up to the Banko-kazooie theme in the morning

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I was thinking about grabbing this today on XB1 but I am weary with all the broken games released as of late.

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I haven't played for about a month. I think this may honestly be the most disappointing game I've ever played.

Ironically I've been going through all the Halo games and having a blast.

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I'm waiting patiently. Others should calm down, It's frustrating but man, you'd think it's the end of the world on the waypoint forums.

I've only managed to get about 400 kills worth of multiplayer in because the matchmaking is so slow. So I have mostly been doing single player.

What makes me more frustrated is the number of broken achievements that will not unlock. A bunch of small ones in H2A, and I beat Halo 4 on Legendary and nothing. Even a few of the speed running achievements will not pop and I've done the level "Dawn" 3 times now.

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I don't play Binding of Isaac but I enjoy watching it. I'm wondering, is it just me or is the new soundtrack a total let down?

I played so much of the original that I reflexively play this game windowed and on mute because I began to hate the original music. I wasn't blown away by what I heard initially before I turned the music off. If Ed adds the original tracks in an expansion, that'd be neat.

Understandable, that happened to me in Oblivion.

I still just don't think the new music hold up to how good the original score was. I'm really suprised that they got a new guy.

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I don't play Binding of Isaac but I enjoy watching it. I'm wondering, is it just me or is the new soundtrack a total let down?

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@fossas: Yeah, it's happened to me twice in a row for prime. I was pissed because I got in the cue 5 minutes after they went on sale.

I'm not sure if it's the same there but at prime if you show up there's always people selling tickets. In 2013 I got 3 days at cost.

Check Craigslist too. I managed to get two Saturday tickets there too at cost as well.

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Left trigger, right trigger.

Works for me in Battlefield.

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If I could get Banjo-Kazooie done in the nutts and bolts engine, that'd be awesome.

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So I have been thinking about this, I'm pretty optimistic to be honest, I played with Thruster pack in Halo 4 which I think is largely why I actually enjoy Halo 4. I liked the core combat in that game but hated the AA's that were not thruster. They broke the game and added nothing positive to the combat, they were crutches plain and simple. At launch Halo 4 was a bit of a mess, unbalanced sandbox and random ordinance were the worst. Eventually they updated that and the game became an enjoyable experience outside of the AA's and ordinance drops, those were still in.

I'm a dude who has put about 150,000 kills into Halo multiplayer, I am probably the most Halo duder you can find. That said Halo 5 is actually what I think I was looking for in a few ways. That thruster pack is super rewarding to master, it feels balanced and requires skill to use properly. The lack of AA's and any sort of custom loadouts is a big thing, and the additions that I have seen are starting to grow on my after watching some good gameplay videos.

The Beta will likely have some major balance issues and I think it's not too surprising that the game is in sort of a more crazy state a year out from launch. But I'm hopeful that they can take the info that we give them and hone Halo 5 into a Solid and more modern Halo Game. I'm even hopeful that post launch they will continue to balance the game with regular patches based on fan input.