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My late game halo 4 "review" 0

I have finally reached level 130, this is the highest rank possible in Halo 4, and I though I would do something special for it.One thing I always hate about reviews is that they don't take into account the lasting appeal of something, over time our opinions can change, our thoughts can solidify, and we can work out in our mind what we truly liked about something, and what we did not like about it. Especially in a muliplayer game, where exploits come into play, and play styles emerge that often ...

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I fitting end to a wonderful story. 0

I should say going into this that I am a Huge Halo fan, I have loved all the past games, Halo CE and Halo 2 being my favourites.That aside Reach tells the story of six very human Spartans and their struggle to try to save a Doomed planet and lay the steping stone for the eventual survival of mankind. Going into this you know the outcome but the story getting to that out come is one of Heroism, sacrifice, and challenge. Five Hundred million people died on Reach and it is safe to say that this is ...

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