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A new Caravella has spawned into the match, Vinny's bank account grows weaker!

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This is pretty handy guide for once you hit 50 that I found on reddit to get "raid attuned". Granted it is for the Dominion faction so the vendors will not be the same as this is showing Illium (ours will be in Thayd) but the process remains the same for either side. I believe you cap out at 140 elder gems per week, so even the dudes who have been 50 since head start have to wait till this coming week to get the key since you need 150.

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@jareda: No problem, hope you enjoy your time with it!

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Here are 3 Wildstar Guest Passes if anyone wants to try out the game. I believe they last for 7 days. :)




Edit: Aaaand they're gone.

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Would love a guild invite (sent a private message as well). Currently a level 32 Medic named "Curandero" mainly healing instanced PvE wise and will help in any way I can!

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We entered the Lang Zone last night.

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I just hope this guy does another unboxing video of the revised version!

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Couldn't get the wifi to work so ended up just buying a powerline adapater and I can't believe I had never heard of this technology before! It works amazingly well and easy to setup.Thanks so much again for all the responses, especially the ones who recommended the powerline.

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Thanks so much for the responses now that I have a kid walking around and 3 animals the 20ft chord going through the middle of the living room is just paranoia more than anything I guess but I have nearly tripped over it twice now. I do know that a wired connection will always be better but I guess I am just confused since I didn't ever have these problems before while gaming with the wireless connection and now it seems almost impossible minus 2 games which seem to work fine. I am currently at work but will try to run a diagnostic on it when I get back to the house. Thanks again!