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@gold_n_eye: If you go to the download page ingame, it is the last free DLC. I think there's one more paid DLC, and I'm assuming that is Vietnam.
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@bhhawks78 said:
" No stupid Zombies/Yeti's/blue magical people/magical bosses.  Those are like giant pieces of turd on an otherwise great franchise. "
THIS. For the love of god, none of these have worked out.
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I feel like I've been overthinking this all day. I recently borrowed Mass Effect 2 for PC and, although at least playable on my computer unlike 1, it still felt like I could have better. Framerate dropped severely during fights, I had to turn all effects off, and I had no ME save.  
As long as you wiki the fist game's story, you won't be confused. But, the carried over choices really added something to the game.  
Bioware NEEDS to, but probably will not do any of the following: 
1. Bundle the games on one disk (impossible due to legal obligations with MGS) 
2. Do what the guys at Penny Arcade wanted and let you pick your major choices from the first game at the start instead of their messed up origin selection crap. 
3. Recap the first game before you start 2 
3. Charge less for it, include the DLC, and everybody will be happy.

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Same camp here dude. I say, if you are playing only single player, just follow tutorials, see what works, and use each faction in the best way possible.  
Now, if you're going online, look up some youtube videos and/or guides to get you familiar with how people play, what build orders you need, etc.

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After some fiddling, I got the disk version o work on Windows 7 32 bit. To get rid of the funky colors, I had to check everything in compatibility settins except compatibility mode, and, for some reason, it requires you to have the screen resolution settings open while you play. I'm downloading the online client now and it hopefully works better.

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Dude we're in the same camp! My only experience with RTS games so far is a teeny bit of the Company of Heroes Online beta and Civ Rev on iPhone. I got the Battlechest today and was blown away. Tis a bitch to make Starcraft run nicely on Windows 7 though.

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Checked out this post because I have also been trying to get a Dualshock to work on PC. I'll try the program in the Tested post because I have 32-bit Windows 7 and hopefully it'll be easier than it was for my old computer. Don't even talk to me about fiddling with drivers and cords. *Shudder* Thanks!

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It could probably be fun, but it runs like complete ass on my mediocre computer. take that as a warning.

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Mass Effect 2 because I'm a bitch for being so LTTP (man...FUCK YMIR mechs and the quest where you have to kill them while protecting supply boxes). I just took a break from World of Warcraft because my time card is out and I'll probably go back for Cataclysm. Company of Heroes Online campaign because I won a beta code and I am new to RTS games. And I'm trying to finish maxing out all the classes in Bad Company 2 so I can put that game down already (all that's left is Recon which I SUCK at). And I keep meaning to play Chrono Trigger on DS, but I can't find it in any freaking stores.

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Rise of Nations, Company of Heroes, or Dawn of War II.