I crafted my first hat...

I decided to go with a random class hat, rather than using up more weapons to guarantee that the hat would be for a class that I play often.
I got Camera Beard, for my least played class, the Spy.
Rather annoying, but at least it's a pretty cool hat, I guess.
Maybe someday I'll learn to be less obvious.

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I looked up my grade online and it said "91.02%"

And for some reason the music from that NBA commercial showing a bunch of different teams celebrating after they win the Finals popped up in my head.
I guess I won the FInals, too.
Then again, there is a weird part of the grade sheet where I seemingly have more points than what should be possible. Hopefully that doesn't get fixed, or is somehow intentional. I'm scared. =(

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I keep holding stuff like Starkiller and I don't know why

Seriously. I tried the Force Unleashed demo and I didn't like it that much.
It's like that trend of doctors draping their stethoscopes over their shoulders like a towel instead of having it around the neck in the old utilitarian fashion. It's less efficient and doesn't make much sense, but we think it looks cooler so we do it anyway. But with Starkiller's lightsaber, holding it like that is completely ridiculous and awfully dangerous.
Yet I love it, and I hold water bottles, golf clubs, cans of air freshener, and even things that are not cylindrical (books, clothes, etc.) in this manner. 

 So ridiculous, yet so awesome.


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I wonder about the Japanese release of Just Cause 2

What will the voice acting be like?
Will Avalanche/Eidos/Square decide to just keep the English voice acting? Will it fit the craziness of Japan and the craziness of the game even better? 
Will they put in Japanese voice acting that is even more ridiculous than the English?
Yes, I have strange random thoughts about Japanese localizations often.

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Will Special Editions with DLC re-release be common from now on?

The re-released game with all previous DLC included, sometimes known as "GotY Edition" or simply "Platinum Hits," "Greatest Hits," etc. is now relatively common. Nowadays, it is not only on PC, where re-releases and compilations have been common for much longer than that, but also on consoles. 
When looking at discussion (particularly at CAG) for big RPG-ish games that have numerous DLC releases planned, such as Borderlands, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect 2, there are a few people predicting (or sometimes outright stating) that there will be a GotY Edition with all of the previous DLC, and they will wait until that edition releases to buy the game. In the case of Dragon Age and ME2, I went ahead and bought the game anyway. 
With Borderlands, I hesitated -- and continue to hesitate -- despite the complete lack of official news on any re-release edition.  Now Amazon is offering Borderlands and the first two DLC for $40, and if Gearbox only releases one more expansion at $10, then I could get Borderlands and all its DLC now, for effectively the same price as a $60 DLC Edition.
On the one hand, sales are bound to slow, and companies will see an opportunity to possibly get sales from penny-pinching consumers who have previously been afraid to take the plunge and buy their game. On the other hand, not every company is Bethesda or Blizzard; not every company is so quick to compile their games and expansions at an improved value.
What do you think? Will we see "GotY Edition" re-releases of Borderlands, DA:O, and ME2? Will we see more of these re-releases in general?

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