Songs that would make me automatically buy Rock Band 3

There are many songs that I'd like to see in Rock Band 3. But only a select few can earn the distinction of...AUTO-BUY.


Warning: Subjective musical preferences ahead! Also, most of these bands are pretty popular.

Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

 Like almost all Journey songs, it would feel awesome to play this with friends. This is also my favorite Journey single, above the songs like Any Way You Want It and Don't Stop Believing that are already in Rock Band.

Say Anything - An Orgy of Critics

I'd be psyched to see anything from Say Anything (sorry), but this song would be a blast to play. 

The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Alright, this song would probably be boring as heck to play after the first few go arounds. But I love it and would like to play it at least a few times. (I am aware it's on GHWT DLC, but don't want to buy one game and then buy its DLC just for one song.) 

Muse - Plug in Baby

Yeah, this is also on Guitar Hero 5. But again, don't want to buy one game for one song, especially when the rest of the setlist is confounding to me. 
Since Plug in Baby is probably not happening, I'd like to see Stockholm Syndrome. Or anything not from The Resistance, really.
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Blingdom of the Mushroom Kingdom: An Explanation

So there I was, checking Amazon's general deal of the day as I often do (not as judiciously as I check the video games deal of the day, but often), and in the lightning deals section I found this little gem.

And after seeing it, I have to ask...was it intentionally designed with Mario in mind? Or an accident? Would anyone buy mushroom-shaped jewelry that wasn't Mario-related?
Once I grew bored of pondering these mysteries, I entertained the idea of getting one for myself. I mean, it'd be totally funny and awesome, right?
I almost bit on it for the Lightning Deal price of $50, intending to perhaps make a bad Mario-related rap video with it, but I relented, preferring instead fo spend my cash on actual video games instead of vaguely kinda sorta maybe video game related stuff.
So with the frugality in me shooting that idea down, I was content to do the next best thing with this newfound discovery. I changed my alignment to Nintendo and decided to sport my bling in a purely internet-related fashion. It now adorns every forum I regularly visit.
Until some other weirdass image piques my interest, an interest that probably no one else will share...


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Predictions for GB's 2010 "Joke" Awards

Like I said, this is purely for fun and not meant to be serious. In fact, I'm only predicting the humorous awards.
Third Annual Soulja Boy Award for Games To Play If You Drink And Get Drunk or Smoke And Get High: Mass Effect 2
This is based mostly on the strong performance of Niftu Cal, everybody's favorite biotic god. It also helps that the nitty-gritty of the drug trade and the effects of the futuristic drugs being smuggled have been better explained in Mass Effect 2. Nice way for players who are already stoned to fantasize about better highs.
The Northies - Best Performance by Nolan North: Halo: Reach
This is a toughie because there is no Assassin's Creed or Uncharted game slated for release in 2010. I'm going to say that maybe Bungie will take risks with Reach, and that will include a more interesting story and therefore a more interesting character for North to voice, most likely one of the side members of Noble Team.
Best Late Title Card:

The Brad Shoemaker "I'm Callin' It" Award For Best Use of Zombies: Dead Rising 2
Sure, I'll put some faith in Capcom.
Best Song in a Non-Rhythm Game: Mass Effect 2
I'm not sure if Mordin's Hall and Oates song lasted over a minute, but meh.

Best Big-Ass Ramp: Just Cause 2
A "huge playground" includes big-ass ramps, right? Right?

 Dave Snider's Eastern Bloc Game of the Year Brought To You By Dave Snider: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat
 He wasn't too big on Metro 2033, so the likeliest choice is Call of Pripyat.

 Guilty Pleasure of the Year: Deadly Premonition
Why not?
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QOTD Dec. 24, 2009

I would probably be 50 hours into Dragon Age by now if my 360 didn't have the most inappropriately timed Red Ring of Death ever.
So I've just been playing KotOR and Torchlight. Not that much time spent on those two, but I've also wasted a lot of time hanging out doing nothing and sitting alone dicking around on the internet.

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So many games, so little time? Or is it vice versa?

I'm sure most of you have known the feeling of having so many games to buy and play yet never being able to actually sit down and play them. Some of you have likely also had a point in your life where you were bored with plenty of free time, yet did not have any new video games to fill that void, and lacked the funds to purchase anything new.
I've been able to experience both extremes on this spectrum. Last June, I made the decision to run away from the harsh problems of reality and take a "year off" from college (horrible mistake, but that's a story for another time). Unable to find employment, too unmotivated to develop a new skill or learn a new language, and having quit WoW before Wrath of the Lich King hit, the task fell upon lengthy 360 games to entertain me. I greatly valued titles that gave me more than 60 hours of play for $20, like Mass Effect and Burnout Paradise. Next to them, something like BioShock, which was a great experience but lacked replay value, felt like a hollow purchase for $30.
Having finally started to attend college this past month, I've found myself without much time at all, not necessarily because of the work but because of the uneven class schedule I have right now. On top of that, I'm in one of those video game "slumps",  when I don't really feel like picking out a game to play or thinking "oh, only a half hour before bed? But I lose so much time on loading screens and turning it on/off...forget it, I'll just watch TV". Throughout my 15ish years with video games, I've never really had a "pile of shame" - if it existed, it was one game that I just haven't gotten around to playing around yet, because it was rare for me to have two unfinished games at once with my game budget. Now I have a pile consisting of two unopened games, two unfinished games, and more games on the way.  And I still don't feel like sitting down and playing them, and I can't put my finger on why that is.
For me, after having valued gameplay length above all else for years and years, now I can see why a game with an 8 hour campaign would seem much more satisfying and bearable for a busy adult. I still would rather have too few games and too much time, though, because I like to play every game to completion (when I'm in the mood to actually play them in the first place, anyway).
So when it comes to your video game situation, which side do you fall on? Do you think that being in the opposite situation would allow you to better enjoy your video games?


Sure I do

If they're good games, they're good games. As a very frugal person the value of a downloadable game in comparison to an old retail game is sometimes off-putting but if it's good enough I'm still buying it.

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