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Solar 2 (ends in two weeks)

Quick note to group regulars: I changed my SteamGifts username from ChetaPaw to HowCanSheSlap. This is only on SteamGifts' end and my Steam profile remains the same.

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I will rip off our intrepid Puppy Man and say $56.79 million.

Also, isn't Cusack missing in HTTM2?

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Saints Row.

Kill dude with dildo... or kill dude with dubstep?

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@passedit: Ignoring the fact that you replied to a post I made over four years ago, I do not understand why you are confused.

My first run was eight hours on medium. I didn't really skip anything; did all of the mini-games and so on. I have a tendency to play through games more quickly, but I don't know who told you 30 hours was average.

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Don't want to read too deeply, because I have yet to play To the Moon and Gone Home. =p

I can't say I have had quite that emotional experience from a game, but maybe in the future I will find something that hits the spot and I am glad people including yourself have drawn that from improving storytelling in games.

(for contest, I would appreciate the Battlefield 3 code; thanks!)

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@autumnights: Try launching GeoWars 2 and play single player with your new profile, but have your friend's profile signed in on a second controller (or instrument controller, etc. if necessary).

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I've seen enough of this guy already.