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I'm a fanboy concerning the use of "Discuss." to end forum posts. That's because you should never do it.

Anyway, something like League vs. DOTA 2 or PvE vs. PvP sides of any given MMO seem like more contentious debates than MK vs. SF.

Ultimately I think it's stupid but it also extends to iOS vs. Android, Canon vs. Nikon, debates among sports fans, and so on. It might be somewhat more prevalent among the gaming fanbase because of our frequent internet use and overall age/maturity range, but not so much that I think it's a problem that can really be singled out with any effectiveness.

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i do not understand what you said

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Xbox One is Kinect. Kinect is Xbox One?

I am disappointed as someone who doesn't really care for Kinect, but I understand why it's bundled.

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never, sucka

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Bump. I figure I'll give a shout to @patrickklepek, because it's Ring Runner!

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Blue looks alright, but I think darker shades of each color would match the touchscreen more evenly.

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Pretty sure 48-hour trials do not count as gold.

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I don't think it has official confirmation from 2K, but users have found that it will likely be made available through Steam in the future.

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