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I thought this was going to be about new game releases for some reason.

Well, I also haven't watched almost any of the E3 videos, so GB still has content to keep me busy.

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Xbox One: The Xbox Reloaded.

That is the story of how the XBone got its R.

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Never unless new copies are impossible to find for reasonable prices.

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Why would the Netflix-focused audience be happy with paying another monthly fee on top of all of their additional subscriptions? They might not notice before buying the XB1, but I imagine they'd be annoyed when they find out.

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I used to worry about it at 12-13 in the early 2000s (and generally favoring that lovable punching bag Nintendo, though by no means did I refuse to play other systems), but right now... eh.

I worry a lot more about the level of stupidity infecting political discussions on the internet. With console wars it's far more difficult to tell who is being serious, and ultimately it's easier for me to ignore.

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It's certainly not cause for celebration, but PS+ is still miles better than XBL Gold assuming the free games keep coming at the rate they have been since 2010.

For me it further reaffirms the attractiveness of PC as a primary gaming platform.

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I'm not even watching the press conference and hearing it's $399 made me jump out of my chair in shock.

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  • Team Fortress 2 - idling borks my hours counted, but it's probably in the neighborhood of 100-120 hours without idling.
  • Dead Island - simple co-op game for when friends just want to smash zombies without too much strategy; 65 hours
  • Torchlight (1) - 44 hours
  • Sleeping Dogs - 42 hours
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (1) - 26 hours

Yeesh. I need to play more of my Steam games

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@tajasaurus: We certainly don't mind codes being dropped here, although those can be given on SteamGifts as well.

Anyway, I redeemed Red Faction. Have not redeemed (or tried to redeem) any of the others since I own them already. Thanks!

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If you win, how do you get notified? Does send you an E-Mail or is it all up to the person? Just asking since I'm a moderator for this thread and I should probably know this.

Also, I've never won anything. :(

As far as I can see, SteamGifts does not offer an option to send automated emails to winners. Contest holders will email Steam keys (from Humble, Amazon, etc.) if that is how they obtained their key, but for those who prefer to add the random winner on Steam and gift through Steam Inventory trades, email is not involved.