This is the end...

I only had a couple of short weeks with it, but I certainly enjoyed my time with the Starcraft II Beta.  Unfortunately, the first part of the phase ended late last night. 
Blizzard has says they might reopen the Beta shortly before the actual release of the game in July, so here's hoping I can get some more time with the game before it actually comes out.

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New NCAA '11 Demo Information

There's some new information available regarding the demo of EA Sports' NCAA Football '11.  The demo, which was already announced to be available for 360 on June 14th, will also be available for the PS3 on the same day. 
It also appears that there will be more than two teams available in the demo, a nice change after years and years of absolutely no choice. 
Click below for the full details:

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Thoughts on the RDR Ending

I beat Red Dead Redemption a week or two ago (and recently hit 100% completion for single player) and decided to type up my thoughts on the ending of the game.  There's obviously some spoiler discussion in there and I don't want to ruin any of it for anyone, so my thoughts are linked below.  
My none spoiler thoughts on RDR: 
This is a really fantastic game.

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UFC Patch Upcoming

It's fairly well known that there have been many issues with the recently released UFC Undisputed 2010.  Thankfully THQ and the developers are making an effort to address at least some of those issues. 
In a post found on their community site, they announce that a patch is being submitted for testing and should be available relatively soon.

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Michael Jordan to grace NBA2K11 Cover

According to PastaPadre, Michael Jordan has officially signed to appear on the cover of NBA2K11.   
As someone that grew up playing sports games that were constantly missing Michael Jordan (see: NBA Jam, NBA Jam TE) because he was licensed to do much, much worse games instead (see: Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City, a game I have actually had the unfortunate luck of playing), you would think this is a dream come true.  But in reality, it really feels like way too little, way too late.  This comes off as little more than a desperate grab at publicity by the 2K team.   NBA2K10 was a bug ridden, barely playable game that even after several patches, still had significant, game-breaking issues.  The team at 2K Sports would be much better off trying to fix these problems and actually ship a playable game this year than programming in a virtual likeness of #23.

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New Madden 11 Feature: Online Scouting

ESPN posted an article today for a new feature to be found in Madden 11: online scouting. 

“Online scouting tracks all of your play-calling and what you like to do in different situations,” explains producer Donny Moore. “We’re tracking every online game that you play: online ranked, unranked, and ‘Madden Ultimate Team’ head-to-head.” And according to Moore, there are ten different situations that the game is tracking: First down, second down and long, second down and medium, second down and short, third down and long, third down and medium, third down and short, fourth down, goal line, and red zone.    

  Sounds like a neat feature.    The problem is that it appears they're doing it the same way they do it for Madden Ultimate Team. I don't know if you've played that at all, but you accumulate points so slowly playing games compared to buying points, it's almost foolish not to purchase them with MS points.
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