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#1 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

Go Team Trasher! Ellenpudge got beat by @noblewingz.

#2 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

Please don't get demoted, please don't get demoted... 
I haven't played any of the new maps yet, but having seen the overviews of them they all look pretty bad.

#3 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

Bah, this completely slipped my mind.  How annoying, I'll have to set a reminder for myself next tournament.

#4 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

I missed the last couple, but I'll be back for this one! 

#5 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

Any help for the Mech section?  Besides the obvious one.

#6 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

Anyone have any decent hints for the Mech one?  I've been through like 50 games that are clearly Mech oriented and still only have 1 that counted.

#7 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

Normally I'd be happy with T-7th finish, but I was hoping to do a bit better after doing so well initially in the winner's bracket. 
I do feel quite good about being the person to send Cryptic to the loser's bracket though.  Beat the supreme champ!

#8 Edited by BigAT (71 posts) -

I'm in again, assuming I can tear myself away from MvC3 to play!

#9 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

I've got to say I'm pretty pleased with my 7th place finish.  I feel good about how I did yesterday. 
Big thanks to Han and everyone else that ran and organized the tournament.  Especially to whoever got JP into the mix, it was very cool to have him involved yesterday.

#10 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

Glad to say my plans cleared up and I'll be able to participate today.  Although I'm totally out of practice, but I'll hope for the best.

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