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360 sent.

bigbadron (duh.)

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i hope they can resolve whatever the issue is and put them back up. i'd be really mad at myself for not putting the order through yesterday if they do fulfill orders but not put it back up.

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i met Ryan and Vinny at PAX Prime 2011. they had just finished filming something at the PAX10 booth, probably Phil Fish. anyway, we chatted for a bit, told him i was a huge fan and whatnot. he was a super nice guy, and seemed genuinely happy to talk to my girlfriend and i.

RIP duder.

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can we get some hardcore Dave shirts back in stock?

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this isn't the worst thing, but it's the most recent. i was in line with some friends at a local record store for record store day earlier this month. it was like, 11 pm, and i was cold and tired. a lot of people were walking by drunkenly, asking what was going on and what not. no biggie. then this douche with his girlfriend was walking by, just being a general dick. making fun of people, calling them dumb for standing in line. as he walked by, i said "Nice Duke jacket, Shoemaker." he had on this ugly ass blue leather Duke jacket. just looked dumb. well, the guy in front of me in line looks at me, and slowly puts his hand over his hat. it was a Duke hat. all i could say was, "No dude, you're cool. You're not a douche in an ugly jacket."

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being asked by a 12 year old if i was a little too old to be playing Halo 3.

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lol, i didn't read the whole thread, silly me. nevermind my previous post. 
brap brap.

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#96 to finish. titties.

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