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it tends so stop after a few days. shampoo and condition. daily. i mainly use the shit for dry and damaged hair. 

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@digital_idiot: so my girlfriend was playing SI:IG today and we had the surround sound muted. we heard a faint, short hiss from the speakers, the same sound my system makes when changing sources or going from stereo to surround. so i changed the source from the xbox to just the tv output, and it was just fine. the sound didn't drop once. i'm thinking it has something to do with the dolby digital output. hope that helps a little.
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@digital_idiot: i have a cheap ass 5.1 system. i've never had this problem with anything else hooked up to it, just SI:IG. 
i'm glad i'm not the only one.
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@bearshamanbro: speaking as a casual fighting fan, it felt good. from what i heard around there, it's the same engine as TvC, just prettier. really, i only got one game in, but it controlled the way i thought it should have. i really want to get my hands on it again.
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i got there at about 5:45. i got in about 9:15 when i was randomly picked by security. i shook Seth Killian's hand. and i beat the guy i was matched against. i brought the curly mustache.

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i've been having a slight, but annoying issue on the XBLA version. it seems like when there is a lot of sound stuff happening, the sound drops out. anyone else been having this problem?

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most likely the xbox servers are getting curb-stomped with the amount of people trying to log into the social club. i have been getting errors all day.

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