You know I've owned a Sega Genesis before, but I don't know where its at.
Their is a band named Genesis. I guess they're cool…
Their is a song named Genesis and that's pretty cool, too. 

The first book of the Bible is named Genesis, so, yeah. 
I can't think of any thing else that uses the word, "Genesis", so that means that this blog is over! Quests!



This a blog post to get a quest done.

I'm not that much of a writer; that's why I rarely update my blog. Well I never update my blog at all. A thought would always pops-up in my mind, "I should start a blog!", but I never get around to it. Mostly because I'm too lazy to write (type) something. Could this be the start of a daily blog where I talk about stuff that's on my mind and you don't care enough to read it? (Probably not.) 
Who knows…
I feel like writing more, but I'm too tired right now, so I'm going to sleep!


I'll Admit it

I still have a original DS, but I don't play it anymore. I usually just play on my brothers DS Lite, he dosen't like it very much when I do that. So I think I'm just going to end up with the DSEye and I will refuse to call it the DSi because I hate the use of lowecased I. Only the iPod should have a name like that. I guess my old DS is going to end up in the box full of obsolete nintendo gameboys.


I'll try to be patient

I think I am going to wait, anyways Animal Crossing is coming out soon and that could hold me off for a long time. I also have a  Xbox 360 which is more for "core gamers". I mean games coming out for the 360 like, Rock Band 2, Castle Crashers, and other games I can't think off the top of my right now could keep me waiting. Until more games that are for gamers like me are released for the Wii. As for selling the Wii because of the lack of  "core" games, the answer is no. I never sold a game console before and never will, I still have my Sega Genesis. (The oldest console I have.)  


Yes and No

I don't have one...
but anyway I would, really only if the game was good enough to play the game again.


Giant Bomb: Best thing since sliced bread

For the website just being launched it is very cool. I like how it's different from other gaming websites because the community can change add and rearrange video game info. Its kind of like the wikipedia of games except less strict. I can't wait to see whats to come!